February 19, 2018

Premier says further action possible on ethnic outreach scandal

Premier Christy Clark says she expects to take further action to deal with the fallout from the ethnic voter outreach strategy and she is not ruling out her own resignation. This after the resignation of Advanced Education and Multiculturalism minister John Yap today. Yap wasn't even the minister when the ethnic outreach plan was written but still … [Read more...]

Surrey RCMP search for witnesses in possible abduction

Surrey RCMP are searching for witnesses to an incident they believe could have been an abduction. It happened at Surrey Central City Mall just before 6pm Saturday night, when a 1990's Mercedes Benz four door sedan stopped in front of Shoppers Drug Mart. Police say three Caucasian men got out of the car, and two forced the third into the … [Read more...]

Surrey protests possible transit cuts

Threatened with service cuts, Surrey residents and members of council have gathered in protest. Almost 100 people are waving signs in the rain, opposing any transit service cutbacks. Mayor Dianne Watts has just told the crowd any transit cuts are not acceptable. She says the city needs more transit, not less. Watts says Translink has given her a … [Read more...]

Burnaby police seeking woman who escaped possible attack

Burnaby RCMP are looking for the woman who they say was nearly the victim of a robbery - or worse. Around 2:00 this morning police say the woman was walking away from the metro town skytrain when a group of men surrounded her between Telford and Sussex Avenues. A  plain clothed officer spotted this just as the woman was screamining and … [Read more...]

Government dealing with possible Tamiflu shortage

The federal government is working with the provinces, territories and Roche Canada to address a potential temporary shortage of the antiviral flu drug Tamiflu. The Public Health Agency of Canada is seeing an early spike in flu cases and more severe illness caused by the flu than was seen in the last two years. Health Canada has arranged to have … [Read more...]

Possible shooting in Surrey

Police have blocked off a neighbourhood in Surrey after a possible shooting. Roads are closed along 132Street between 60Avenue and Highway 10.   One home is behind police tape. A neighbour reports hearing what sounded like three gunshots around 3:30 a.m. He says police arrived, and a person was taken away on stretcher. Police have released no … [Read more...]

We need a response to possible oil spills, says Minister

BC's Environment Minister says the Federal Government has a part to play in BC's effort on an industry led oil spill response program.  Terry Lake says any oil spill or emergency response on land is clearly a provincial responsibility, but on the water, "That is kind of a shared responsibility. The Federal Government takes the lead in the … [Read more...]

Possible second E-Coli case in BC

British Columbia may have recorded a second case of E-Coli stemming from the X-L food beef recall. The only confirmed case so far is a Nanaimo man who tested positive. Chief Medical Health officer Doctor Perry Kendall says tests are now being done on another possible victim. "We are looking at one other possible case, but we don't have the … [Read more...]

Krueger speculates on possible right-wing coalition

With John van Dongen having turned in his membership to the B.C. Conservatives, Liberal M.L.A. and former cabinet minister, Kevin Krueger is hopeful Conservatives will join forces with the Liberals. "Well I hope that they all have a time of sober second thought as is the rest of the province as we contemplate the nightmare of another N.D.P. … [Read more...]

Possible fan boycott of NHL owners’ other businesses

A handful of hockey fans are fed up with the labour dispute between the N-H-L and the Players' Association, as a possible lockout looms. And they have a new idea to catch the team owner's attention and change the tide. T. J. Tully is an Oilers fan who has set up a website called you-have-two-weeks-dot-com. He says, "the owners have all these others … [Read more...]