February 25, 2018

Costa Rica Has Been Using 100% Renewable Energy For Two Months!

Yes, you read that right. Costa Rica ran on 100% renewable energy for 76 days in recent months. It’s actually the second time in recent years that the country has done this, bringing the total number of days to over 450, with 150 coming this year. It’s an amazing victory, and it has been made possible by using mostly hydropower and geothermal … [Read more...]

Unleash the Power of your iPad or iPhone

Whether you have an iPad or an iPhone or both, this workshop is for you! They all use the same Operating System (iOS) Our 1/2 day iPad and iPhone workshops normally run at $ 299.00 per person but we are piloting our new materials and would love for you to take advantage of this offer! Only $ 49.00!!! iPad and/or iPhone Training from Swirl … [Read more...]

Power Matters Alliance garners support from BlackBerry, NEC, TI and ZTE

Another Mobile World Congress, another round of highfalutin' talk surrounding the concept of wireless power. We already witnessed a consumer approach by PowerbyProxi, and now we're hearing that the Power Matters Alliance is getting a second wind as well. The self-proclaimed "leading ecosystem and standard for wireless power" took to Boston-area … [Read more...]

xBTM – Harnessing the Power of Exploratory Testing

Exploratory testing provides both flexibility and speed, characteristics that have become increasingly important, especially with the quick pace of short agile iterations. But, how do you retain traceability in exploratory testing without losing your creativity? How do you, as a manager, actually manage testing that is unscripted and improvised? … [Read more...]

Obama signs Safe Web Act into law, extends FTC power to combat online scam artists

See that guy? The one in the bubble? He's probably up to no good. Thanks to President Obama, however, he's going to have a much harder time duping innocent young ladies like the one also shown here. Per The Hill, the POTUS has just signed into law the Safe Web Act, which extends the Federal Trade Commission's authority to "clamp down on Internet … [Read more...]

Power outage preparation tips

It's getting windier as we approach winter, and BC Hydro wants you to be prepared for a power outage. As always, get an emergency kit ready, with  flashlights, extra batteries, a battery-operated radio and a corded telephone. Spokeswoman Simi Heer says people whose homes are heated electrically should have a plan in place in case of a longer … [Read more...]

Mediation talks didn’t have staying power

The first day of mediation between BC Transit and the union representing bus drivers in Greater Victoria did not go well Thursday. Union President Ben Williams says after about four hours, the mediator decided they shouldn't keep going, "The union did put several new offers forward that were both rejected by BC Transit." Williams wouldn't say … [Read more...]

MapQuest picks TomTom Maps to power iPhone and Android turn-by-turn navigation apps

Still trying to figure out which way to turn when it comes to on-phone navigation? How's about a free option to ponder? MapQuest's gratis iPhone and Android programs are set to get a heck of a lot better, and soon. The company just announced that TomTom would become its maps provider, enabling it to provide coverage for more than 7.5 million miles … [Read more...]

Apple MagSafe vs. MagSafe 2: photos of the two incompatible power connectors

Apple quietly introduced a newer, slimmer, snazzier MagSafe connector here at WWDC, with the Retina display-equipped 15-inch MacBook Pro (yeah, the "next-generation" one) and the newly-unveiled MacBook Air machines utilizing it. Still, the original MagSafe is finding its way onto the refreshed MacBook Pro (both 13- and 15-inch), but we're guessing … [Read more...]

More power to deal with bad cops?

Under a new RCMP contract officers like Don Ray, the Edmonton mountie who's coming to work in BC despite being reprimanded, demoted and fined for disgraceful conduct , could be fired. The observer on contract negotations and now the co-chair of the contract management committee, Langley City Mayor Peter Fassbender says issues like this under the … [Read more...]