January 20, 2018

Group calls for Premier Clark to resign

Below is a news release issued by a group of B.C. Liberals: SURREY, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - March 3, 2013) - Editors Note: There is a photo associated with this press release. "Liberal Party members, especially with ethnic background namely (Indo-Canadian-S. Asians) had a breakfast meeting here in Surrey and agreed to ask Premier Christy … [Read more...]

Premier calls last-minute cabinet meeting

Premier Christy Clark has agreed to an emergency meeting with her cabinet in Vancouver. The B.C. Liberals are in damage control -- following the ethnic strategy memo scandal that, on Friday, led to a resignation in the premier's office. Clark will sit down with her cabinet at 4:00 p.m. Sunday -- and there's speculation some aren't satisfied with … [Read more...]

Premier says few options left to re-open Kits Coast Guard base

Premier Christy Clark held a teleconference in her riding of Vancouver Point Grey where she told constituents that the closing of the Kitsilano Coast Guard base is the biggest issue locally. Clark says she pressed federal Natural Resources minister Joe Oliver on the Monday over the sudden closing of Kits base. "And I said to him you know minister … [Read more...]

BREAKING: Premier apologizes over ethnic vote plan

Premier Christy Clark has now issued an apology for documents confirming her office planned to win ethnic votes using government resources. Deputy Premier Rich Coleman read her prepared statement during Question Period this afternoon in Victoria.  "The document did not recognize that there are lines that can not be crossed in conducting this … [Read more...]

Premier reacts to memo leak and nasty comments

Premier Christy Clark is deflecting questions about more alleged misdeeds by members of her government. Speaking after attending an anti-bullying event at  Vancouver's Point Grey secondary clark refused to call  long time Liberal MLA Kevin Krueger a bully for offensive comments he's made about another political party. "It's  not … [Read more...]

Premier on Kits base: Fight not over

Premier Christy Clark says the fight to save the now-closed Kitsilano Coast Guard base isn't over. Clark says her government had no advance notice of yesterday's shutdown, adding basic respect between governments would suggest the Feds should have given her a head's up.  "And look, I get how hard it is to balance a budget, I know that they're … [Read more...]

The Premier might want to beware the ides of…February

Premier Christy Clark is denying reports of a brewing battle within the Liberal caucus over her throne speech and her leadership. A source tells CKNW the Liberal caucus is in chaos, with some members angry over what they see as an empty throne speech that had some of them falling asleep. There's talk of voting against the Liberals' own budget, of … [Read more...]

Slater says no thanks as the Premier calls to secure his budget vote

An independent B.C. MLA has refused to return to the BC Liberal party, despite a call from the premier herself. John Slater, MLA for Boundary-Similkameen, says Christy Clark called him this week, asking if he would rejoin the caucus and support her government's budget, to be tabled on Tuesday. "I said, well, you know, I'm really reluctant because I … [Read more...]

Deputy Premier says rift rumour much ado about nothing

There is nothing to see here as the Deputy Premier plays down any rumour of a rift with a fellow BC Liberal MLA. Surrey White Rock MLA Gordon Hogg had criticized Rich Coleman in the Peace Arch News for calling Surrey councillors during the casino process.  Hogg also denied he had apologized to Coleman after also being at odds over smart … [Read more...]

Deputy Premier says people need to give Christy Clark a chance

The Deputy Premier is dismissing an Angus Reid poll which seems to show the public is none too fond of Christy Clark.  Rich Coleman was asked if he was surprised respondants to the poll found the premier to be "out of touch" "arrogant" "secretive" and "inefficient." "Yeah because she is not any of those. If I wanted to describe her she is one … [Read more...]