January 23, 2018

DTES chosen for new condo project

The Vancouver Development Permit Board has voted unanimously in favor of a new condo project in the Downtown Eastside.   The 24-units will go up in the 500 block of East Cordova in the Oppenheimer Park neighborhood. Ivan Drury who often speaks on behalf of many residents of the area says city hall should have instead purchased the land and put … [Read more...]

Black says he has investors for refinery project

Energy Minister Rich Coleman says there's still some work to do before newspaper publisher David Black can actually build an oil refinery on the north coast. But Coleman says it's positive news that Black has apparently found investors for the 25-billion dollar project. "You need to be able to have the customer and that's what he's been working on … [Read more...]

Agile Fundamentals for Business Analysts and Project Managers

The Agile Fundamentals for Business Analysts and Project Managers 3-day course (March 25-27, 2013) introduces you to the core values, principles, and practices of Agile – today's #1 project approach. Many project management and business analyst professionals are finding themselves leading, managing and analyzing on Agile development teams. This … [Read more...]

Surrey’s Mayor says next transit project isn’t up to Metro Van mayors

The Mayor of Surrey says despite what the Transportation Minister says it is not the role of mayors to chose the next transit project to go ahead. Dianne Watts says both skytrain expansion in Surrey and rapid transit along Broadway can both go ahead. "I am sure the minister well knows that the independent board has that task and it is within … [Read more...]

Rival John McAfee Project In The Works

Impact Future Media and Equinoxe Films have announced that they are developing multiple projects about millionaire fugitive and anti-virus software founder John McAfee. One is a $ 28 million feature biopic entitled "Running In The Background," while another is an animated documentary adaptation of McAfee's 'on-the-lam' blog "The Hinterland" run … [Read more...]

Proposed casino project voted down by Surrey council will not go to another area of the municipality

After a proposed casino and entertainment complex was nixed by Surrey City Council early Saturday morning, BC’s Minister responsible for gaming says the complex will not go to another location in the city. Rich Coleman says the city has indicated it's not interested after saying no to the complex on a property that is already zoned for a … [Read more...]

Poll: 60 percent of BC residents oppose Northern Gateway pipeline project

A new poll suggests British Columbians are more opposed to the Northern Enbridge pipeline project than ever before. Enbridge might have spent millions on ads, including one that omitted a 1,000 square kilometres worth of islands in Douglas Channel, but a poll conducted by Forum Research indicates 60 percent in this province now oppose the … [Read more...]

Developer withdraws application for North Vancouver project

A major project proposed for North Vancouver City has been nixed with the developers blaming a handful of city councillors. Onni Group says it's withdrawing its application to develop its project at Lonsdale and 13th because of, "the narrow minded attitudes of a handful of city councillors." Mayor Darrell Mussatto says four councillors won out and … [Read more...]

HIV AIDS pilot project gets a boost

A made in BC pilot project will get new funding and be expanded as of april first after it showed dramatic results in the fight against HIV - AIDS. Health Minister Margaret MacDiarmid says bc is the only province to see infection rates decline. "HIV AIDS related deaths have decreasedBC by 90% since 1996." Director of the BC Centre for Excellence in … [Read more...]

Unions calls Dehua’s move to close a BC mining project intimidation tactic

The two unions trying to block the arrival of two hundred Chinese miners hired to work in a new underground coal mine in Northern BC aren’t buying the reasons from Dehua International Mines Group over why they’re winding down work at the Wapiti River Coal Project. They say shutting down the project is an attempt to intimidate the … [Read more...]