February 18, 2018

Company whose sawmill exploded last year promises upgrades for collecting wood dust

The company whose sawmill in Burns Lake exploded last January, says they're still analyzing recommendations released by the BC Safety Authority Tuesday. Many of the recommendations were focused on dealing with wood dust. Babine Forest Products say the scope of hazards surrounding the residue was not fully understood before the explosion that killed … [Read more...]

Verizon confirms Droid DNA on its Droid Does portal, promises ‘unboxing’ on November 19th

Last we checked, there are about six days between Verizon / HTC's press event in New York City and November 19th. Which, by most counts, should be just enough time for the two companies to properly announce a phone, get it out to sales channels, and start moving 'em into the hands of consumers. HTC's Droid DNA has been leaked to death at this … [Read more...]

Dix promises seperate review of Northern Gateway

Opposition leader Adrian Dix says if his party is elected next year, it would subject the Northern Gateway pipeline to a separate provincial environmental review. Dix says the BC Liberals abdicated their responsibility by allowing the federal government to conduct the review. He says the review panel has no BC representation, and in any case Prime … [Read more...]

“Eastern Promises 2” Dead At Focus

Just as it looked like it was gaining steam, David Cronenberg admits that a sequel to his 2006 Russian gangster drama "Eastern Promises" is essentially dead in the water. Out doing press for "Cosmopolis", an obviously frustrated Cronenberg admitted that the 'Eastern' follow-up was set to be his next project but obviously something has fallen … [Read more...]

Cassel Returns For “Eastern Promises” Sequel

Vincent Cassel is said to be in negotiations to join Viggo Mortensen in reprising their roles in the sequel to David Cronenberg’s 2007 gangster drama "Eastern Promises" reports Vulture. Steven Knight ("Dirty Pretty Things") helms the follow-up which picks up where the first film left off. SPOILERS AHEAD Cassel's incompetent Kirill and his … [Read more...]

Chu promises more info on hockey riot progress next week

Next week is the first anniversary of the Stanley Cup riot and Vancouver Police will update media on the investigation. Chief Jim Chu says other than Court delays, the effort to identify and charge suspected rioters is going smoothly, "We are pretty happy with the progress. I know that it has taken some time but that is the way our justice system … [Read more...]

Maingear teases incoming desktop line, promises smaller towers and Ivy Bridge CPUs

Maingear's Shift is a force to be feared, but it generally requires an entire wing of one's home to be assembled and configured. Hyperbole aside, there's no question that Maingear's aiming to branch out somewhat after the aforesaid rig's successful run, today teasing an "all new line of desktops." We're told to expect smaller designs with "clean" … [Read more...]

Transportation Minister promises action on unpaid fares

  The Transportation Minister suggests legislative changes may be coming to deal with the problem of unpaid transit tickets. Blair Lekstrom says he's working on the problem and is looking at all options including legislative change, "What I can assure the public is, that it makes very little sense, I think, to anybody to have the ability … [Read more...]

Texas Instruments demos first OMAP 5, Android 4.0-based reference design, promises it in laptops next year (video)

Texas Instruments promised us a new helping of OMAP right around a year ago, and sure enough, OMAP 5 processors will be sampling to partners as early as next week. Texas Instruments' Remi El-Ouazzane (VP of OMAP) just debuted an OMAP 5-based reference design (or "development platform," if you will) on our CES stage, a solid four years after OMAP 3 … [Read more...]

Nokia clarifies battery update on Lumia 800, promises audio / camera fixes soon

Nokia already came clean about the Lumia 800 battery bug, but evidently that just wasn't enough to appease the masses. A community manager in the outfit's own forums has just responded to pages upon pages of comments regarding the most recent update, partly to (re)set the record straight regarding the battery, and partly to address more fixes that … [Read more...]