February 22, 2018

Slew of bills proposed, official fish chosen at Legislature

The Liberals have introduced bills that will change a slew of policies. They include allowing charities to auction off liquor, allowing area-based tenure instead of volume-based for forest companies, and naming the pacific salmon as B.C.'s official fish. As well, Health Minister Margaret Macdiarmid says people on long vacations will now enjoy … [Read more...]

Proposed casino project voted down by Surrey council will not go to another area of the municipality

After a proposed casino and entertainment complex was nixed by Surrey City Council early Saturday morning, BC’s Minister responsible for gaming says the complex will not go to another location in the city. Rich Coleman says the city has indicated it's not interested after saying no to the complex on a property that is already zoned for a … [Read more...]

Company says councillors’ worries over proposed compost facility are unnecessary

A company that would like to run a proposed Metro Vancouver compost facility in Langley says there's no need for Township councillors to be concerned. Councillors have expressed worry over possible smell from rotting food, and contamination of a nearby environmentally sensitive area. But Sam Tamrack of Glenval Organics says they will stick to yard … [Read more...]

Concern over proposed Langley composting facility

A proposed Metro Vancouver composting facility in Langley has some township councilors sounding alarm bells. Charlie Fox says the area proposed is environmentally sensitive, and they're worried the facility may not stop at yard waste and clean wood chips.  "My concerns are that there's really at this particular point there's been no public … [Read more...]

Protesters gather outside meeting on proposed Trans Mountain Pipeline project

About a dozen protesters voiced their opposition to the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion project, at a public information session hosted by a Burnaby school Saturday. Mary Leige with the group "Burnaby Residents Opposing Kinder Morgan Expansion" says the boost in tanker traffic is her major concern. "I'm worried about the increase that this'll … [Read more...]

Residents get a look at proposed redevelopment plans for Oakridge Centre

Residents had a chance to look at plans for a proposed re-development of Oakridge Centre at an open house today. The development proposes 2,800 residential units in buildings as high as 45 storeys. Resident Randall MacKinnon says this will be a drastic change for a neighbourhood dominated by single-storey family homes. "when they're on little, mini … [Read more...]

Enbridge: Proposed pipeline would withstand quake

Enbridge Pipeline's President says the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline would be well protected from quakes like the one that took place Saturday night off Haida Gwaii. John Carruthers says the planned route for the line was far west of the area hit on the weekend and, in fact, avoids most seismic activity. He says new technology is another … [Read more...]

Clark again voicing frustration with Alberta over proposed pipeline

Christy Clark is once again voicing her frustration with our provincial neighbour to the east. Appearing on Global's "West Block" this morning, the Premier says many Albertans aren't sure of BC motivations surrounding the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline. "My frustration has been from the very beginning that in Alberta, the whole debate has been … [Read more...]

A proposed development has the Township of Langley and Metro Vancouver at odds

A proposed university district to be built around Trinity Western University has the Township of Langley at loggerheads with Metro Vancouver.  The regional district says the development proposal in Agricultural Land Reserve violates the new regional growth strategy.  Langley Township Mayor Jack Froese disagrees.  "When it comes to … [Read more...]

Residents split over proposed Brentwood Town Centre redevelopment

Opinion was largely split at a public hearing at Burnaby City Hall over a proposed redevelopment of Brentwood Town Centre Tuesday evening.Developers propose building a revamped shopping centre and condos, the largest of which would be a 70-storey tower.The tens of thousands of new residents the development would bring is leaving some locals … [Read more...]