February 25, 2018

Sex workers want to share stories at court challenge of prostitution laws

Downtown Eastside sex workers want to share their stories when the Supreme Court of Canada hears an Ontario challenge of the country's prostitution laws this summer. Canada's top court is set to hear the challenge on the laws that ban communication, keeping a bawdy house and living off the avails of prostitution in June. Pivot Legal Society is … [Read more...]

Advocate has mixed feelings over prostitution ruling

A prominent advocate for women in Vancouver has mixed feelings about a Supreme Court of Canada ruling letting local sex trade workers challenge the country's prostitution laws. "We do see prostitution as violence against women, so criminalizing women in prostitution is against women's equality and it's punishing women for being victims of  … [Read more...]

Sex workers granted leave to challenge prostitution laws

Vancouver sex workers have been cleared to challenge Canada’s prostitution laws. The Supreme Court of Canada has dismissed an appeal brought by the federal government that tried to stop the sex workers from disputing the laws. Those laws include a ban on keeping a bawdy house, procurement, and communicating for the purposes of … [Read more...]

Prostitution critics want police to impound johns’ cars to curb sex trade

A month after Ontario’s top court struck down a ban on brothels, claiming they're safer than making prostitutes work off the street, opponents are hoping police step up efforts to cut off the demand for the sex trade. Hilla Kerner with the Women's Coalition for the Abolition of Prostitution supports impounding johns’ vehicles – … [Read more...]

Victoria man charged with online prostitution of 16 year old

A Victoria man has been charged with six counts related to the alleged online prostitution of an underage girl. The investigation began in 2010 when West Shore RCMP received information that a young girl was being solicited as a prostitute on several online sites. Police believe the girl, whose identity could not be released, was being … [Read more...]