February 25, 2018

Protest at the B.C. Legislature

Conservationists, forestry workers, and first nations are joining forces today to send a message to political leaders. They plan to form a human circle around the legislature. B.C. environmental activist Ken Wu says the government needs to establish a plan to protect B.C.'s endangered old-growth forests and ensure sustainable forestry jobs in the … [Read more...]

Community centres hold special public meeting as they continue to protest revenue sharing

Some Vancouver Community Centres are not giving up their fight against the City's Park Board plan to centralizing surplus funding. Hillcrest Community Association is holding a special community meeting on the decision Monday, and have invited the entire park board. Association Chair Jesse Johl says the plan to spread revenue to community centres in … [Read more...]

Vancouver protesters join Idle No More’s national day of protest

Vancouver's noon hour 'Idle No More' rally Wednesday started slowly, but the crowd gradually grew to more than 100.  Holding up signs and playing traditional ceremonial prayers on the drums, demonstrators gathered outside  the Wall Centre where hearings on the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline are being held. Speakers … [Read more...]

Noisy protest greets NEB Public Hearing into Enbridge Pipeline proposal

The entrance to Vancouver's Wall Centre Hotel was surrounded for hours Monday night by protesters wanting into the Enbridge Pipeline hearings.  The hearing at the Wall Centre Hotel was only for those who got on the speakers list in advance and the media.  A so-called "Public Viewing Area" was set up a few kilometers away at the Westin … [Read more...]

Saturday’s Idle No More protest at Peace Arch crossing ‘not a blockade’

Those taking part in tomorrow's Idle No More rally at the peace arch border crossing say they have no plans to block traffic. The demonstration, set for 1 p.m., is expected to see more than 800 people attend from both sides of the border. Organizer Kat Norris says this is not a blockade, as similar events for the indigenous movement have been in … [Read more...]

HandyDART employees protest funding freeze

HandyDART employees held a small protest at Broadway and Commercial in Vancouver on Saturday to protest Translink's funding freeze of their service over the next three years. Mark Beeching, a training instructor at HandyDART, says seniors and the disabled will likely have to turn to taxis. Even at half price under the taxi saver program, he says … [Read more...]

Protest against truck traffic

They're calling on Translink to get rid of the truck route on 32nd Avenue. Some South Surrey residents are rallying today... claiming the trucks are poisoning children and families with their toxic fumes. Translink has to step up to the plate and the city of surrey has to step up to the plate and have these trucks removed from this section of the … [Read more...]

Vancounver Councilor defending city’s consultation process after protest

A Vision Vancouver Councilor says the city undertakes a lot of consultation efforts.  This after a protest outside city hall, with demonstrators claiming they aren't consulted enough about development proposals. Andrea Reimer says as a public official, she hears from a lot of citizens on top of consultation efforts. "One of the big concerns I … [Read more...]

Anti-pipeline protest at BC Legislature (as of 10am)

Disappointed tourists are being told they can't enter the B-C Legislature this morning. Security has been tightened in advance of today's protest against oil pipelines, and the building is not open to the public.  At the moment, reporters and camera-operators outnumber protesters, many of whom plan to be arrested to make their point. And brisk … [Read more...]

South Fraser Perimeter Road protest

A group of Surrey residents opposed to the construction of the South Fraser Perimeter Road are planning to occupy a construction zone beneath the Patullo Bridge Saturday at 4:00pm. Organizer Imtiaz Ppopat says the group is concerned about a highway going through what he calls a residential area. "We have been opposing the South Perimeter Road from … [Read more...]