February 18, 2018

Idle No More protesters disappointed Senator Brazeau facing charges

Idle No More protesters outside a Burnaby hotel where Prime Minister Stephen Harper spent the Friday say like him, they feel let down by Patrick Brazeau, a First Nations Senator now charged with assault and sexual assault. "Stephen Harper's got to go, hey, hey, ho, ho," they chanted. A handful of demonstrators say they were disappointed to learn … [Read more...]

Vancouver protesters join Idle No More’s national day of protest

Vancouver's noon hour 'Idle No More' rally Wednesday started slowly, but the crowd gradually grew to more than 100.  Holding up signs and playing traditional ceremonial prayers on the drums, demonstrators gathered outside  the Wall Centre where hearings on the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline are being held. Speakers … [Read more...]

Protesters gather outside meeting on proposed Trans Mountain Pipeline project

About a dozen protesters voiced their opposition to the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion project, at a public information session hosted by a Burnaby school Saturday. Mary Leige with the group "Burnaby Residents Opposing Kinder Morgan Expansion" says the boost in tanker traffic is her major concern. "I'm worried about the increase that this'll … [Read more...]

Protesters gather outside Conservative convention, in opposition of Kits Base closure

It was an opposition blackout as supporters of the Kitsilano Coast Guard station rallied outside a gathering of federal conservatives. While the dozen or so demonstrators carried signs and held placards outside, those inside the Richmond Sheraton Hotel would hardly have noticed. That's because a makeshift barrier was set up at an entrance with a … [Read more...]

Climate change protesters attempt to block coal train in White Rock

Protesters in White Rock plan to continue demonstrating against coal until midnight tonight. They're calling for a moratorium on new coal mines in B.C., a phasing out of existing mines, and an end to importing and re-exporting American coal. "Everything I read about climate change says that we have only a few years left to turn it around or it's … [Read more...]

Occupy Vancouver protesters evicted again

VANCOUVER - Protesters at the new Occupy Vancouver site have been ordered to pack up and leave by 5 p.m. today, less than 24 hours after they relocated to provincial land at the Law Courts.B.C. Supreme Court Judge Anne MacKenzie found the group to be a public nuisance and in contempt of court after she ordered them evicted from city-managed land … [Read more...]

Firefighters working with Occupy protesters, but bylaws still not met

Firefighters worked with Occupy protesters this morning to bring the tent city in line with safety bylaws and left some remaining work to be done by 4 pm. That deadline passed and officials say the work still isn't complete. The fire department’s assistant chief of operations, Joe Foster, says crews were pleased with this morning’s … [Read more...]

Vancouver Police warn peaceful occupy protesters to “get out.”

All peaceful protestors should leave the Occupy Vancouver tent city, that is the warning from Vancouver police.  Police chief Jim Chu says his officers along with firefighters were assaulted and even bitten last night when the fire department moved in to put out a fire.  When asked what preperations police are taking to remove the … [Read more...]

Fire Chief has rules for Occupy protesters

The City's fire chief issued several orders to Occupy Vancouver Thursday to be complied with by 10 a-m Friday. Among the orders from Chief John McKearney are that tarps covering multiple tents be removed or raised to form canopies, and that unoccupied tents be taken away. At Thursday night's General assembly meeting at Occupy Vancouver, a … [Read more...]

One of the original Occupy Vancouver protesters says the movement has been “hijacked.”

    One of the original Occupy Vancouver protesters says it might be time to call it a day and pack the tents up.  Tim Moorley says over the last little while another group has moved in and hijacked the Occupy Vancouver protest.   Moorley says the group hides behind the protest as a whole refusing to give their names or take … [Read more...]