January 21, 2018

Mayors frustrated over Province putting off transit decisions until May

Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts says she's frustrated that any decisions on transit expansion in the Lower Mainland is going to have to wait until after May’s Provincial Election. Transportation Minister Mary Polak has said just that, as have other mayors already. But watts appears okay to wait, reiterating that the first thing to be done after May … [Read more...]

BCNU not interested in 10 year deal with province

While the Premier confirms she wants to get BC nurses signed to a 10 year deal, the idea seems to be a non-starter with the union itself. BCNU President Deb McPherson just last week was asked if the nurses are in talks, or even interested, in a ten year contract. "No no no. We had started out this last round of bargaining looking to settle maybe a … [Read more...]

Province moves to iron out problems in municipalities with ferry terminals

Community minister Bill Bennett has helped resolve a dispute between a number of municipalities, BC Ferries and the BC Assessment Appeal Board. Bennett says the deal will see make sure ferry terminal properties are accurately assessed, after the appeal board reduced their value to virtually nothing last year and put local governments on the hook … [Read more...]

Province standing by greenhouse gas reductions by 2020

Environment Minister Terry Lake is downplaying environmental concerns over the liquid natural gas industry. Lake says the government is still committed to a 33 percent cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020, the same year it hopes to see five L-N-G plants in operation. "So yeah I remain optimistic i think it's been shown that British Columbia is … [Read more...]

An independent MLA accuses the province of ignoring climate change

While U.S. President Barack Obama used the state of the union address to renew the fight against climate change, one independent MLA in BC says the province is moving in the opposite direction.    Cariboo North MLA Bob Simpson says instead of fighting climate change the B.C. Government is putting all of its eggs into the liquid natural … [Read more...]

BCGEU uses Family Day to urge the Province to implement affordable childcare

The BC Government and Service Employees' Union is using Family Day to push for more affordable childcare in this province. "We're calling for a daycare system, a universal daycare system that everybody is able to tap into, that the people are well-paid and well educated, and we believe that at about ten dollars a day, families should be able to I … [Read more...]

Province and Feds talking about who will take responsibility for dredging the Fraser River

Federal Minister James Moore says dredging sediment in the Fraser River needs to be a priority in order to mitigate flooding. Moore says economic activity upstream causes sediment to build up in the Fraser, resulting in flooding in Richmond, Delta, Port Coquilam and Surrey as the riverbed becomes elevated. He says the Federal Government did provide … [Read more...]

RCMP and province still wrangling over new HQ costs

There is still no progress to report on the negotiations over the cost sharing of the RMCP's new Surrey headquarters.  Justice Minister Shirley Bond is repeating the province will only pay what is fair. "The issue of Green Timbers continues to be a priority for us and again in my recent meetings in Ottawa this was a topic of discussion with … [Read more...]

BC’s Health Minister says province is doing well on prevention

Health Minister Margaret MacDiarmid is defending the government's record on preventative health care.  This after a report by the Auditor-General suggested flat funding for prevention measures did not match the lofty rhetoric on the issue in recent throne speeches.  MacDiarmid says BC compares well to Alberta. "They spend significantly … [Read more...]

Province announces replacement for BC Carecard

The provincial government has announced the new BC Services card will replace the Carecard, starting February 15th. Health Minister Margaret MacDiarmid says over the next five years, eligible British Columbians between 19 and 74 must replace the old Carecard. "So you can get a combined BC Services Card which is your CardCard and your Driver's … [Read more...]