February 18, 2018

Vancouver School Board questions provincial funding

The chair of the Vancouver School Board is concerned the provincial government appears to be taking more money away from classrooms. Every year, the province gives school districts grant money to upgrade their buildings, about $ 110 million in total.  For the upcoming school year, Patti Bacchus says the ministry has told districts it's giving … [Read more...]

NDP facing questions over so-called ‘slush-fund’

The NDP was on the defensive in Victoria today over a half million dollar pool of money that the Liberals say was being misused. But the opposition says it did nothing wrong. It didn't take long in Question Period for the Liberals to make hay with the story, alleging the pooling of constituency money to pay for partisan activities was … [Read more...]

UPDATES: Doctor questions BC’s spending priorities

Ongoing overcrowding at hospitals across British Columbia again have emergency room doctors questioning the priorities of the provincial government. Doctor David Haughton, who's the President of the BC Medical Association's Emergency Medicine section, admits it's frustrating to see money being spent on hosting next month's Times of India Film … [Read more...]

First Nation says it has unanswered questions after B.C.’s LNG conference

A coastal First Nation is responding to comments made by the premier at last week's conference on liquefied natural gas. Marven Robinson, of the Gitga'at First Nation in Hartley Bay, says members came away from the conference in Vancouver with many unanswered questions. "You know, we're not against it, but we're not fully informed yet. We have to … [Read more...]

BC NDP House Leader questions investigation into BC Liberals leaked strategy to win votes

The BC New Democrats' House Leader says the resignation of Premier Christy Clark’s Deputy Chief of Staff brings up lots of questions. Those questions surround an investigation into a liberal strategy to win ethnic votes using taxpayers' money. John Horgan says among those questions is whether Kim Haakstad has already been interviewed by the … [Read more...]

Yap side-steps questions on ethnic vote scandal

BC's Multilculturalism Minister is side-stepping the question whether there is a conflict of interest in the investigation into the ethnic vote plan controversy. Multi-culturalism Minister John Yap was asked repeatedly whether John Dyble, the Premier's deputy minister and head of the public service, is in a conflict of interest, because he'll be … [Read more...]

Immigration minister addresses questions about citzenship revocation idea

Canada's Immigration Minister is speaking to questions around the idea of revoking a person's citizenship if they commit a terrorist act. Jason Kenney wants to look into legislation that could take a dual national's citizenship away. Speaking with CKNW's Sean Leslie, Kenney was asked about due process -- and how it could be determined whether a … [Read more...]

More questions than answers after West End stabbing spree

The M.L.A. who represents Vancouver's West End says people in the community are scared and anxiously waiting to hear more from police after multiple stabbings last night in a building at Haro and Barclay.  Spencer Chandra-Herbert says residents of the West End -- not only those living in the building -- are still scared and have very little … [Read more...]

Questions for the Transit Police

Transit Police  have some explaining to do. The Canadian Taxpayers Federation revealed Transit Police accidentally left an explosive device on a plane, and didn't know it was missing for two days. It happened in 2011 after a dog training exercise. BC director for the CTF, Jordan Bateman, says this was an expensive mistake. "They had to involve … [Read more...]

Mayor has questions about coal exports

Vancouver's Mayor is asking questions about plans by local port authorities to increase coal exports. Gregor Robertson's written a letter to Port Metro Vancouver requesting full public consultation before any decisions are finalized. He's concerned because if two proposals to boost exports are approved,  Vancouver's Port will become the … [Read more...]