February 21, 2018

Group rallying to “Save BC Film” to meet with Culture Minister

The group pushing to increase labour based tax incentives for BC’s film industry is meeting with Culture Minister Bill Bennett on Thursday. Still, despite the meeting, Wayne Bennett with Save BC Film says no assurances have been given about any goodies for BC's film industry showing up in this week's provincial budget. "Within the throne … [Read more...]

Todd’s ‘rallying point’ video helps her story reach the world, expert says

Amanda Todd’s tragic story has caught the world's attention like no other. Her heart-wrenching YouTube video about being bullied has helped her story to be picked up in the U.S., the U.K. and even as far away as Japan – where bullying is also a big problem.   Vigils have been planned locally for Maple Ridge and Surrey, but also as … [Read more...]

Bizarre internal Apple video shows Steve Jobs rallying the troops against IBM

We're going to warn you up front: what you're about to see is eccentric, puzzling, and perhaps even disturbing. And undoubtedly, it's the fanboy film to end all fanboy films. According to Network World, who managed to get ahold of an internal 'rally the troops' video, the referenced clip was produced with a $ 50,000 budget and shown to an … [Read more...]

Teachers issue rallying cry

The lawn of the BC Legislature is set to be packed with union supporters Tuesday as teachers take their fight to Victoria. Federation of Labour boss Jim Sinclair on what he expects: "There's going to be thousands of people there, and working people are going to join with teachers, other union members and the public." Sinclair wouldn't give a … [Read more...]