February 18, 2018

Dyble report finds breaches of conduct, mis-use of government resources

The Dyble report (read highlights of the report here) on the ethnic voting scandal is out and it's more bad news for the BC Liberals. REVIEW OF THE DRAFT MULTICULTURAL STRATEGIC OUTREACH PLAN John Dyble has identified partisan activity among some government officials that breached the public service standards of conduct, and that some government … [Read more...]

Opposition weighs in on ethnic vote scandal report

Leader of the official opposition is calling the Dybel report on the ethnic outreach scandal deeply disconcerting. Adrian Dix says Premier Christy Clark told voters no public money was spent and the ethnic outreach plan was never implemented. "Both of those things have been shown by Mr. Dyble's report not to be the case. It's not my job to … [Read more...]

Premier vows to implement all recommendations in Dyble report

Premier Christy Clark is vowing to implement all of the recommendations in John Dyble's report on the ethnic outreach scandal, including possible disciplinary action. In fact, a third person has now resigned in the wake of the report, Mike Lee, the former executive assistant to John Yap, has resigned without severance. Lee was cited in the report … [Read more...]

Report on ethnic vote scandal expected Thursday

The public should get some more information on the Liberal government's controversial ethnic outreach plan Thursday.  Premier Christy Clark's Deputy Minister John Dyble  will release the results of his investigation in the morning.  But NDP House Leader John Horgan wonders if Dyble will be able to shed any real light on the … [Read more...]

New report details cell phone horror stories

Advocacy group OpenMedia.ca has released a report that’s collected horror stories from people about mistreatment from their cell phone companies. The studies details nearly 3,000 stories that describe poor service, restrictive contracts and disrespect – mostly when it comes to the big three, Telus, Bell and Rogers. Some B.C. stories: a … [Read more...]

C-T-F takes issue with Transit Police report

The Canadian Taxpayer's Federation takes issue with the latest, generally positive report on Transit Police. The "Five Year Trend" report goes back to 2008. That report says 74 percent of the time users feel safe riding the system, an improvement from 2009. The Canadian Taxpayers Federation says while the combined violent and property crime rate on … [Read more...]

Transit Police Release Comprehensive Report

It's called a 'Five Year Trend Report' and goes back to 2008 looking at stats until 2012. The report says survey results show 74-per cent of the time transit users feel safe riding the system. That's up from 64-per cent in 2009. Crimes against the person were only marginally lower in 2012 compared to 2011 but were about nine-per cent lower than the … [Read more...]

RCMP respond to Human Rights Watch report

  The RCMP says it takes allegations of police abuse in a recent report "very seriously", but it needs more details to take proper action. Chief Superintendant Janice Armstrong says some of the allegations outlined in the Human Rights Watch report looking at policing along the highway of tears, have been reported but she says they want to … [Read more...]

Report card says Transit Authority is on track to meet savings goal

Translink Commissioner Martin Crilly has released a report card that concludes the Transit Authority is on track for the goal to save between 40 and 60 million dollars between 2013 and 2015. It says among the steps forward, is the reallocation of buses from low-demand routes to high demand routes and times. The report says coast mountain … [Read more...]

VPD to present report supporting some of Missing Women Commissioner’s recommendations

The Vancouver Police Department is officially responding to Wally Oppal's Missing Women Inquiry Report in the form of an Administrative Report set to be presented this week to the Vancouver Police Board. In the report, the VPD says it will attempt to implement Oppal's recommendations relevant to its department. Among the recommendations it supports … [Read more...]