February 20, 2018

Border Services respond to raid allegations

 The Canadian Border Services Agency says what is being reported as a series of raids of Metro Vancouver construction sites Wednesday -- detaining illegal migrant workers -- is not correct. In a written statement the CBSA says agents only went to one worksite looking for a man with a long criminal history who had previously been deported … [Read more...]

VPD respond to bank robbery reports

Vancouver Police are downplaying concerns raised about several bank robberies recorded in the city over the past two weeks.  Sgt. Randy Fincham says that's normal for any given calendar year, but, "if we have a spike in activity in a certain area or certain city, our investigators will continue to look at any connection to one individual or … [Read more...]

RCMP respond to Human Rights Watch report

  The RCMP says it takes allegations of police abuse in a recent report "very seriously", but it needs more details to take proper action. Chief Superintendant Janice Armstrong says some of the allegations outlined in the Human Rights Watch report looking at policing along the highway of tears, have been reported but she says they want to … [Read more...]

Government scrambles to respond in wake of released credit-card transactions

It may be the BC Day long weekend, but B.C. government communications staff are working overtime. It's in response to the recent release of government credit card transactions, which revealed what exactly taxpayers are on the hook for in the millions of dollars in spending from Victoria. In a media fact sheet, the ministry of finance says there are … [Read more...]

Stolen poodle will respond to ‘Mr Tummness’

TORONTO - He's reddish-brown and droopy-eared and he's missing. Police in Toronto are asking for the public's help finding a stolen poodle named Autumn - who also answers to “Mr. Tummness” or “Tummy.” The seven-year-old standard poodle is described as reddish-brown in colour and his curly fur was recently shaved. He was last seen wearing a … [Read more...]

VPD respond to alleged assault on Actor DJ Qualls

In an email Vancouver Police have responded to the alleged assault by one of their officers on Hollywood actor DJ Qualls.   Constable Lindsey Houghton says VPD heard about the complaint via the media and have since put their Professional Standards Section investigators in contact with Qualls and are helping him through the … [Read more...]