January 21, 2018

Response to boat aground in English Bay takes Sea Island Coast Guard over half an hour

It took the Sea-Island coast guard thirty-one minutes to respond to a boat that had run aground in English Bay Saturday afternoon.  Crews left the base at 4:39pm, arriving on scene at 5:10. Coast Guard officials say if crews had been at the now closed Kitsilano Coast Guard Base, the response time would have been mere minutes. But officials say … [Read more...]

Bus drivers get ‘net zero’ response from company over wages

The Coast Mountain Bus Company is following the lead of the BC Government and telling it's drivers the mandate for this round of bargaining is 'net zero.'  The Canadian Autoworkers Union Local 1-11, which represents the bus drivers, says this translates to zero increases in any year of the collective agreement. The union says this … [Read more...]

We need a response to possible oil spills, says Minister

BC's Environment Minister says the Federal Government has a part to play in BC's effort on an industry led oil spill response program.  Terry Lake says any oil spill or emergency response on land is clearly a provincial responsibility, but on the water, "That is kind of a shared responsibility. The Federal Government takes the lead in the … [Read more...]

NDP health critic unimpressed with minister’s response to Burnaby Hospital controversy

The NDP health critic is hitting out at BC Health Minister Margaret MacDiarmid's response to a leaked document indicating Liberal partisanship on a committee that looked into the future of Burnaby Hospital. Mike Farnworth isn't impressed with MacDiarmid's attempt to distance the Liberal government from documents which point to Liberal … [Read more...]

Vancouver’s Mayor calls out Federal Government on earthquake response

The Mayor of Vancouver says when it comes to responding to a major catastrophe like an earthquake the Federal Government has it wrong. The Minister of Fisheries and Oceans says it is a local issue. Gregor Robertson says not so much: "The Coast Guard is responsible on the waters, there is no doubt about that.  And that is why we are so … [Read more...]

Emergency teams analyze quake response

Days after a massive quake hit off the BC coast, provincial emergency response teams are looking at what they would do better next time. Chris Duffy, executive director of emergency coordination, says work is underway to have more wide-spread tsunami warnings aired on television in the future. "Hopefully we'll see  some forward movement on … [Read more...]

Vancouver’s extreme heat response plan ready for another year

The City of Vancouver's ready to roll out it's extreme heat response plan should a heat advisory be issued by health authorities.The plan includes having water available in various locations across the city as well as opening cooling shelters.Deputy City Manager Sadhu Johnston says all the agencies invovled are prepared... "We have had a … [Read more...]

Environment minister frustrated at Ottawa’s response to deal with derelict vessels

B.C's environment minister says federal authorities are dropping the ball and not helping to deal with derelict vessels on the Fraser River. Terry Lake says seven vessels including BC Ferries’ the former Queen of Sidney have been secured, but now there’s a new concern one of the boats is leaking oil.  "We have alerted the Canadian … [Read more...]

Feds launch online response to Coast Guard criticism

The Ministry of Fisheries and Oceans has come under fire for its plan to close the Kitsilano Coast Guard base, and now it has launched a website to counter critics.Keith Ashfield, the Minister for Oceans and Fisheries, was in Vancouver to defend the federal government's decision to shut down the Kitsilano Coast Guard base.And on the back of telling … [Read more...]

Funding battle hindered Missing Women response

  The Missing Women inquiry has now heard a former Vancouver Police Chief talk about clashes he had with City Hall, over money needed to track a serial killer in the Downtown Eastside.   "They wouldn't fund us outside of our regular yearly budget." The words of Terry Blythe, who says former city manager Judy Rogers and former Mayor … [Read more...]