January 23, 2018

Fire Chief wants restrictions on fireworks

Saying current rules are too difficult to enforce, Vancouver's  fire chief has asked city council to ban the use of fireworks on private property. Chief John McKearney says he would like to see use restricted to only five days a year including New Year's Eve and Halloween. He says significant improvements have been made since 2007 when 41 … [Read more...]

BC’s Justice Minister hasn’t considered financial impact of tougher restrictions on those not criminally responsible

BC’s Justice Minister says she's already working with the Federal Government to ensure tougher restrictions involving people found not responsible for serious crimes are approved quickly. "We've been very aggressive about this agenda. Generally, I'm very pleased,” says Shirley bond.  Bond says --at this point-- there have been no … [Read more...]

Restrictions increasing for those found not criminally responsible

Almost five years after a man murdered his three children in Merritt, the federal government has promised more restrictions on people found not responsible for violent crimes. Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced the legislation after meeting with Darcie Clarke... the mother of the two boys and a girl killed by her former husband Allan … [Read more...]

Cancer society wants further restrictions on smoking

The BC government is being urged to support further restrictions on outdoor smoking. The request comes from the Canadian Cancer Society. The society's Kathryn Seely says BC needs to follow the lead of four other provinces and designate outdoor patios of bars and restaurants as well as beaches, parks and playgrounds smoke-free. She adds 30 BC … [Read more...]

Restrictions placed on child sex tourist

A convicted child sex tourist and former Maple Ridge man will spend 18 months under conditions upon release from custody. Christopher Neil,  who has served time behind bars in Thailand for sexually assaulting children,  has been handed several conditions to abide by during the next year and half. A provincial court judge has laid out the … [Read more...]

New safety restrictions for BC motorcyclists

The BC government has announced new safety restrictions for motorcyclists. Motorcycle fatalities went up by up by 57% between 1996 and 2010. Solicitor general/safety minister Shirley Bond is saying new helmet rules will help lower the death tolls.   As of June 1st, all motorcycle riders and passengers in BC must wear helmets that … [Read more...]

Visitor restrictions at Vancouver hospital lifted after fears of gang gathering

Vancouver General Hospital imposed a controlled access procedure for almost three hours early Monday morning, restricting visitors to the facility, in what a hospital spokeswoman called a safety ... Vancouver News latest RSS headlines - Big News Network.com … [Read more...]