January 18, 2018

From 4K To Retina Display, What’s The Right Tech Anyway?

Are you confused about the different types of tech you can buy and choices that you can make when ever you purchase a new tech product? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most people have no idea what 4K means except for the fact that it’s a better picture quality than other displays on the market. Not to worry, we’re going to take you few some of the … [Read more...]

Apple 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro hands-on!

Apple just introduced its second Retina display MacBook: the 13-inch MacBook Pro, which starts at $ 1,699 and is shipping today. Just months after the 15-incher was gifted with a display that packs more pixels than your existing HDTV, the 13-inch sibling is receiving similar treatment. Unveiled today in San Jose alongside the iPad mini, the … [Read more...]

Apple reportedly readying numerous Retina display MacBooks and multiple accessories for WWDC

New MacBook Pros are practically a given for WWDC (or, let's just say tears will be shed if they elude us), but now, 9to5Mac is stepping up the expectations in a major way. The outlet is now reporting that we could see two different versions of a revised 15-incher, not to mention Retina display-equipped editions of the 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook … [Read more...]

Apple next-generation MacBook Pro (with Retina display) eyes-on at WWDC 2012

Heh -- rumor didn't have this one! We just wrapped our eyes around Apple's new 15.4-inch "next-generation" MacBook Pro here at WWDC 2012, and while it was under lock and key, it doesn't take a touch to see that this thing is devilishly thin. For all intents and purposes, this is the 15-inch MacBook Air that many have been waiting for. Gone is the … [Read more...]

Visualized: 100 Retina display iPads sit down at the dinner table…

What if you took 3.1 million pixels, per iPad, and then crammed 100 (or so) of them on a table at WWDC? You'd have a pretty insane, super-connected Retina table. Also, it'd cost at least $ 50,000 to replicate what you're seeing. You know -- just in case the thought crossed your mind. Gallery: Visualized: 100 Retina display iPads sit down at the … [Read more...]