February 18, 2018

Dix nixes HST ever returning under an NDP goverment

The leader of the BC NDP says even down the line he wouldn't consider reintroducing the HST. With the scrapping of the HST today Adrian Dix took his chance to remind voters about the circumstances of its implementation. "Certainly from the beginning... from the election campaign, onto the Premier Clark's tax-payer funded campaign in favour of the … [Read more...]

Accused bank robber nabbed after returning to the scene

A need for reassurance and approval was the ultimate downfall for a man now accused of robbing a Victoria bank. Police say he approached a teller at a downtown Scotiabank branch and, after conducting a transaction, mumbled something to her.  Spokesman Bowen Osoko says the man then said he had just tried to rob her, and asked if he could … [Read more...]

NDP say province not doing enough ahead of returning PST

The NDP say it is history repeating itself as they accuse the provincial government of dropping ball in making sure businesses are ready for the PST. Finance critic Bruce Ralston says the Liberals have only themselves to blame after the BC Chamber of Commerce said businesses were scrambling ahead of the April 1st transition.  "Well the … [Read more...]

McKellen Talks Returning To “X-Men”

As we already know, Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart will return as Magneto and Professor X in the upcoming "X-Men: Days of Future Past". Now, out doing press for "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey," McKellen talked about reprising the role: "What a gas! I mean, Patrick Stewart and I have just been playing "Waiting for Godot" throughout England … [Read more...]

Skitch’s chief designer talks mistakes, lessons learned, and new / returning features for his screenshot app

They say Rome wasn't built in a day, but no one ever focuses on how quickly it fell. Skitch can't exactly be compared to an empire, but with some ten million users globally, there were a lot of voices shouting a lot of various things when the upstart jumped in bed with Evernote and upgraded itself to version 2.0. Not surprisingly, members of our … [Read more...]

Paul Greengrass Returning To “Memphis”

After Universal Pictures dropped out last year, effectively shelving the project, Paul Greengrass‘ MLK biopic "Memphis" is showing signs of life. Greengrass and producer Scott Rudin put the project aside because of financing and scheduling issues, opting instead for the Somali pirate heist feature "Captain Phillips" with Tom Hanks. Now though, … [Read more...]

Damon Not Returning To “Bourne” Films?

Were you not a fan of Jeremy Renner's turn leading the "Bourne" franchise this year and want Matt Damon back? It's looking more and more like you're out of luck. Damon hasn't seen "The Bourne Legacy" yet, but indicates that because the fourth film is in continuity with the three previous films then any further 'Bourne' films (with or without him) … [Read more...]

New & Returning Series Premiere Dates

Summer is coming to a close and the new Fall TV season is about to kick off with many series both old and new set to be launched in the United States and the United Kingdom over the next two months. There's so many in fact that it's a bit confusing as to when specifically each of these shows will premiere. Today comes a handy schedule to keep … [Read more...]

Lawrence Not Returning For “Mockingjay”

"The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" director Francis Lawrence will NOT be returning for the final two-film adaptation of the last of Suzanne Collins' "The Hunger Games" novels reports Variety. Lionsgate is reportedly now seeking a new director for the finale as Lawrence will not be available. Already under pressure to get the second film out in … [Read more...]

Metro Vancouver air quality returning to normal

Metro Vancouver's air quality is getting back to normal.The regional district's Ken Reid says smoke from forest fires in Russia had been hanging over the area throughout this week, peaking over the weekend and Monday. "But now we're seeing quite normal particulate matter levels. Even though there may be a bit of a haze, it's nothing too … [Read more...]