February 20, 2018

BC Court of Appeal ruling pleases Mom of daughter killed by drunk driver

The mother of a young woman killed by a drunk driver two years ago is pleased BC's highest court has upheld the sentence handed to an impaired driver... who took the life of someone else's child. "She just needs to serve her time. Stop all the trying to get out of jail free card type thing and just go serve your time." Markita Kaulius -- who lost … [Read more...]

NDP say AG can still provide audit despite court ruling

BC's Auditor General may have been halted in his mission to shed light on the province's six-million-dollar legal payout related to the BC Rail scandal.  But the NDP says that doesn't mean he still can't provide a good audit as to why taxpayers were forced to pickup the tab for the two former Liberal staffers who pleaded guilty in the affair. … [Read more...]

HD Mining to appeal Federal Court ruling in favour of Canadian unions

A Federal Court ruling in favour of two unions fighting the arrival of Chinese miners in BC will be appealed by the company that hired the foreigners. HD Mining claims Human Resources Minister Diane Finley shouldn't have voiced her concerns about the Temporary Foreign Worker Program after legal action was filed earlier this month. Thursday, Justice … [Read more...]

Smart Meter Ruling

A group opposed to the installation of BC Hydro Smart meters has been dealt a setback by the Province's highest court. A Saltspring Island resident (Andrea Collins) and "Citizens for Safe Technology Society" were seeking leave to appeal a decision by the BC Utilities Commission rejecting their challenge to the smart meters. The BC Court of Appeal … [Read more...]

Discrimination ruling makes school districts take notice

The Chair of the Vancouver School Board says a Supreme Court of Canada ruling Friday will have implications for school boards--particularly when it comes to budgets. The court found the North Vancouver school district discriminated against Jeffrey more, who has dyslexia, by not teaching him to read. Moore had been attending a centre for kids with … [Read more...]

Warners Wins “Superman” Court Ruling

It appears as if Warner Bros. Pictures has won the high-profile court battle that will see it maintain its copyright stake in the Superman franchise reports THR Esq.. On Wednesday, a federal judge in California granted the studio's motion for summary judgment on the question of whether a 1992 agreement with Jean Peavy, "Superman" co-creator Joe … [Read more...]

BCCLA disappointed at court ruling on HIV disclosure

The Supreme Court of Canada has clarified what people with HIV can do to avoid being criminally charged. The court has ruled people who have low-levels of the disease and wear a condom do not have to inform sex partners about their condition. The same court had ruled in 1998 anyone who did not could be charged with aggravated sex assault. The … [Read more...]

Musqueam cheer ruling on Marpole Midden

Members of the Musqueam First Nation are celebrating a ruling from the province on the land known as the Marpole Midden along Southwest Marine Drive in Vancouver. Band councillor Wade Grant says a ruling on two permits has come down, one stating no further alteration of the land can occur, the other, allowing for more time to re-inter ancient … [Read more...]

Advocate has mixed feelings over prostitution ruling

A prominent advocate for women in Vancouver has mixed feelings about a Supreme Court of Canada ruling letting local sex trade workers challenge the country's prostitution laws. "We do see prostitution as violence against women, so criminalizing women in prostitution is against women's equality and it's punishing women for being victims of  … [Read more...]

Federal government to appeal BC court ruling on assisted suicide

The Federal government will appeal a landmark decision from the BC Supreme Court, striking down the ban on assisted suicide. Federal lawyers plan to seek a stay of all aspects of that court decision, including, special permission given to 64-year-old Gloria Taylor to seek doctor-assisted suicide within the next year. The move isn't sitting well … [Read more...]