January 23, 2018

Splurge vs Save: Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city where high and low are happy neighbors, making it easy for all travelers to hop on a bicycle, taste delicious Dutch cheeses, picnic by the canals, and soak in some culture. Fodor's Travel News … [Read more...]

Group rallying to “Save BC Film” to meet with Culture Minister

The group pushing to increase labour based tax incentives for BC’s film industry is meeting with Culture Minister Bill Bennett on Thursday. Still, despite the meeting, Wayne Bennett with Save BC Film says no assurances have been given about any goodies for BC's film industry showing up in this week's provincial budget. "Within the throne … [Read more...]

Save BC Film group to meet with government this week

The group fighting to lower tax rates for the BC Film Industry says it has a big week ahead. David Markowitz with Save BC Film is handing out leaflets this weekend to promote the local film industry's battle to reduce tax rates in this province,  and says more talks are scheduled this week with the provincial government. "On Tuesday, … [Read more...]

10,000 member Council of BC Yachts Clubs wades into the battle to save Kits base

The ten thousand member strong Council of BC Yachts Clubs wants the Senate to take a hard look at the closing of Kits Coast Guard base.  President Sheila Boutcher says unlike the Conservative government a Senate committee might actually listen to the boating community. "Well at least they could have a proper look at the facts and make a … [Read more...]

Translink on track to save millions despite corporate costs forecast to increase

The Vice-Chair of the Translink Mayor's Council says he thinks Translink has lived up to its responsibility as best as it can, of acting to find efficiencies. This after the release of a report from Translink commissioner Martin Crilly on the progress made in finding between 40 and 60 million dollars in cost savings over the next three years. "We … [Read more...]

North Shore Wetland Partners president wants to save eagles nest

The president of North Shore Wetland Partners is trying to save an eagles nest he says hasn't been abandoned. Paul Berlinguette says Port Metro Vancouver tried to chop down the tree holding the nest this week, claiming it was abandoned, and will try again soon to make way for the low level road project. "We have pictures of the two of them in there … [Read more...]

Minister of Canadian Heritage won’t get involved in push to save BC film

The Federal Minister responsible for the arts says British Columbians shouldn't expect additional tax cuts for film in the upcoming budget. James Moore says he's not going to get involved in the debate between the Provincial Government and local film industry workers over saving BC film.  "We also should be mindful as well that it's not just … [Read more...]

Premier goes online to try and save Kits Coast Guard

The Premier has taken to Youtube to denounce the Federal Government decision to close the Kitsilano Coast Guard Base.  In the video Christy Clark calls the decision 'disappointing" and adds response times will increase threatening the safety of those in harbour.  Clark also says the new inshore rescue boat in Stanley Park still leaves … [Read more...]

Mayor joins effort to save Waldorf Hotel

The developer who's purchased Vancouver's Waldorf Hotel says he has no plans to tear down the popular music and nightclub venue, but that hasn't stopped Vancouver's mayor from jumping on the bandwagon to save the building from the wrecker's ball. Gregor Robertson says he's directed the city manager to report back to council with options for … [Read more...]

Splurge vs. Save: Private Islands

Looking to get away? Private islands offer the kind of seclusion for those who mean business. But they vary wildly in how hard they hit the wallet. Read on for budget-friendly options...and a few indulgences. Fodor's Travel News … [Read more...]