January 20, 2018

Opposition weighs in on ethnic vote scandal report

Leader of the official opposition is calling the Dybel report on the ethnic outreach scandal deeply disconcerting. Adrian Dix says Premier Christy Clark told voters no public money was spent and the ethnic outreach plan was never implemented. "Both of those things have been shown by Mr. Dyble's report not to be the case. It's not my job to … [Read more...]

Report on ethnic vote scandal expected Thursday

The public should get some more information on the Liberal government's controversial ethnic outreach plan Thursday.  Premier Christy Clark's Deputy Minister John Dyble  will release the results of his investigation in the morning.  But NDP House Leader John Horgan wonders if Dyble will be able to shed any real light on the … [Read more...]

Premier says further action possible on ethnic outreach scandal

Premier Christy Clark says she expects to take further action to deal with the fallout from the ethnic voter outreach strategy and she is not ruling out her own resignation. This after the resignation of Advanced Education and Multiculturalism minister John Yap today. Yap wasn't even the minister when the ethnic outreach plan was written but still … [Read more...]

Ethnic vote scandal review: Terms of Reference set

The terms of reference for an internal review involving the inappropriate use of government resources to win ethnic votes have now been laid out. Premier Christy Clark's Deputy Minister John Dyble --BC's top civil servant-- was named Thursday to head up the review which includes the Premier's Office, as well as various … [Read more...]

Yap side-steps questions on ethnic vote scandal

BC's Multilculturalism Minister is side-stepping the question whether there is a conflict of interest in the investigation into the ethnic vote plan controversy. Multi-culturalism Minister John Yap was asked repeatedly whether John Dyble, the Premier's deputy minister and head of the public service, is in a conflict of interest, because he'll be … [Read more...]

Another former Olympus executive arrested in accounting scandal

As a dreaded accounting scandal continues to drag Olympus' name through the mud, federal agents in the United States arrested yet another gentleman in connection with the firm's alleged fraud. Chan Ming Fon, a citizen of Taiwan, was reportedly arrested in Los Angeles today. As the story goes, he was a former bank executive in the company, and he … [Read more...]

Another worker fired in health breach scandal

Health Minister Margaret MacDiarmid says another staffer has been fired in the privacy breach scandal. "There is one further ministry employee that has been terminated so there in total are two people that remain suspended (without pay) and five individuals have been terminated. This goes back to the investigation that has been ongoing since … [Read more...]

Premier’s new press secretary downplays BC Rail scandal memo

Nothing to see here. That appears to be the message from the premier's incoming press secretary about a recently-unearthed memo signed by Dave Basi, one of the men who pleaded guilty in the B.C. Rail scandal. Basi claims in the memo, signed before the 2003 raid on the legislature, that fellow accused Bobby Virk allegedly told him that Christy … [Read more...]

ATD: Yahoo’s CEO Scott Thompson to step down amidst degree scandal (update: confirmed)

While thousands upon thousands of Americans are celebrating graduation weekend with degree in hand, it looks as if the CEO of one particular internet company will be wondering why he lied about his. After weeks of investigating, word on the street has it that freshly appointed (as in January 4th) CEO Scott Thompson will be "stepping down." In other … [Read more...]

Vancouver protestors call for inquiry into robocall scandal

Hundreds took to the streets of Downtown Vancouver Saturday afternoon, venting their anger over the federal robocalls scandal and calling for a public inquiry. Among the crowd marching through the streets, city councillor Adriane Carr. "When you have tactics that suppress that right to vote, and in fact illegally suppress it by misdirecting people … [Read more...]