January 20, 2018

Keeping Your Clients Secure

Confidentiality is incredibly important to maintain a good reputation amongst your customer base, and that means you need to make sure it’s a top priority if you keep any records on the people who use your service. There are dangers in both the off and online world, as being versatile enough to face both is often a talent most businesses don’t get … [Read more...]

Why People Are Investing In Smart Home Technology

If you follow tech stories, then I’m sure you’ve noticed the growing buzz around “smart home” technology. Like any young tech niche, a lot of people are putting off getting a “smart home”, mainly because they think that it will turn out too expensive, too complex to use, or they’ll run into some other problem. However, there’s a range of great … [Read more...]

70% Of Employees Are Concerned About Data Security In Their Company

image source A new study has shown that nearly 70% of employees are worried about data breaches at their company. The investigation was conducted by Ponemon Institute and sponsored by Experian. Their aim was to determine how well companies are adapting to new data technologies. The biggest concern among workers was the issue of adopting new … [Read more...]