January 17, 2018

Keeping Your Clients Secure

Confidentiality is incredibly important to maintain a good reputation amongst your customer base, and that means you need to make sure it’s a top priority if you keep any records on the people who use your service. There are dangers in both the off and online world, as being versatile enough to face both is often a talent most businesses don’t get … [Read more...]

Apple releases iOS 6.1.3 to patch lock screen security hole

A month to the day after Apple issued iOS 6.1.2 in order to patch an Exchange bug, the company has pushed out iOS 6.1.3 today to seal up a security hole that allowed a complex combination of finagling to bypass one's lock screen. Moreover, it's said to add Maps updates for the nation of Japan, while also adding a variety of undisclosed "security … [Read more...]

US Federal judge finds National Security Letters’ gag provision unconstitutional

Woo, boy. You know those National Security Letters that the FBI has been issuing at its own discretion -- the ones Google has been doing its best to track? Judge Susan Illston of Federal District Court in San Francisco just found 'em unconstitutional. As the story goes, NSLs arrive from the factory with a gag order on the recipient, and as Illston … [Read more...]

Health Minsiter says she hears care card security concerns clearly

As the province is set to start rolling out new care services cards next week, the Health Minister says she's heard security concerns loud and clear. While the BC Civil Liberties Association has asked for card implementation to be halted over major privacy concerns --  Margaret McDiarmid says the important voice for her to listen to is the … [Read more...]

School security to be discussed at Monday meeting

The Vancouver School Board is considering taking a second look at its policy that keeps school doors from being locked during the day. This after receiving several calls from parents concerned about the safety of their children. Following the recent events in Newtown Conneticut and the lockdown of Thunderbird Elementary in Vancouver, parents are on … [Read more...]

A-G says criminal justice security system deeply flawed

BC's Auditor-General is outlining what he calls "serious flaws" in  BC's criminal justice security system. John Doyle says his audit of the "JUSTIN" computerized system found a serious lack of controls to protect information from inappropriate access. Doyle says the system is not safe from motivated people looking to gain access, and there's … [Read more...]

Caltech wizards develop terahertz-radiating chips, eye homeland security and ‘touchless gaming’ applications

A duo of electrical engineers (or mad scientists, if you prefer) at the California Institute of Technology have developed chips that could very well end up in the next James Bond movie. Or, you know, real life. The newfangled chips are capable of generating and radiating "high-frequency electromagnetic waves, called terahertz (THz) waves, that fall … [Read more...]

Teen charged in attack on security guard

A 16 year old boy has now been charged in connection with a brutal attack on a 64 year old security guard. Hoshiar Bajwa was attacked at a job site near Pitt River Middle school in the early morning hours of October 14th. He was beaten by a group of young men. The 16 year old is now charged with one count of aggravated assault. Police are asking … [Read more...]

Genesis Security investigating after confrontation between man and guards

A lawyer with the Pivot Legal Society says a video of three security guards and a man in a wheelchair raises definite questions about use of force. Doug King says the tape shows a man in a wheelchair approached by Genesis Security guards at Pacific Centre. "We're not sure what happened before then, and if he'd committed a criminal offence or not, … [Read more...]

CBSA believes staff security level is where it should be

As Canadian border officer Lori Bowcock continues her recovery in hospital, the conversation is turning to whether Tuesday's shooting at the Peace Arch could have been prevented. Border officials seem to be saying, no. CBSA Executive Director Kim Scoville says he's reviewed the security footage over and over again, "I've lived this non-stop … [Read more...]