January 23, 2018

Man who threatened bus driver sentenced

A BC man who threatened a bus driver last fall has been sentenced to probation.  Brandon Joseph Johnson was charged after an incident on a bus in New Westminster.  On October 18th, transit police allege the 30-year-old beat up a female passenger when she asked him to quiet down, and then threatened to punch the driver if he didn't let him … [Read more...]

Drug addict sentenced in attack on bus driver

A young man with a history of drug abuse and violence has been sentenced to jail time for attacking a bus driver in Surrey last February. Steven Fayant pleaded guilty last year in the choking of Ram Punni as well as the stabbing of another man on a different day in Aldergrove. The crown asked for a sentence of three years, but the judge agreed to … [Read more...]

Starbucks-bashing rioter sentenced

A judge has sentenced the latest person to plead guilty in the Stanley Cup riot. Richard MacMillan, now 27 years old, will serve six months in the community and one year probation. The judge sternly cautioned MacMillan he will only stay out of jail if a number of conditions are held up, including not associating with any kind of drugs or alcohol … [Read more...]

BREAKING NEWS: Woman sentenced in deadly hit and run crash

A woman who pleaded guilty to impaired driving in the crash that killed 22 year old Kassandra Kaulius in Surrey has been handed 37 months behind bars. Natasha Warren was sentenced in Provincial Court in Surrey this morning. The crown had been seeking a three and a half year term. Defence called for 25 months behind bars. She also gets an eight year … [Read more...]

Woman who pleaded guilty to impaired driving in the death of Kassandra Kaulius to be sentenced Friday

The woman who drove drunk in the crash that killed a young softball player in Surrey last year is set to learn her sentence Friday. Crown Counsel has argued Natasha Warren should spend three and a half years in prison for what happened back on May 3rd, 2011. That's the night Warren drank a bottle-and-a-half of wine, got behind the wheel, and sped … [Read more...]

Two men sentenced for murder of Vancouver drug dealer

Two men convicted in the February 2009 murder of a Vancouver drug dealer have now been sentenced. Thirty-four year old Charles Anthony Leslie was found guilty of second degree murder back in May.  Thirty year old Babak Najafi-Chaghabouri was convicted of first degree murder. Thirty one year old Ronak Wagad was abducted from his home in … [Read more...]

Langley man to be sentenced next year for pointing laser at RCMP helicopter

A Langley man will have to wait til next year to learn his sentence for pointing a laser at a helicopter. Alexander William Schiller has pleaded guilty to aiming the laser at the pilot and passenger of an RCMP helicopter while it was assisting Vancouver Police in April of last year -- when Schiller was 30. He was later charged with mischief, … [Read more...]

Wife-killer sentenced to life in prison

Life in prison with no chance of freedom for 14 years. That's the sentence for a Coquitlam man who murdered the mother of his two sons last year. James Mou has been sentenced following a two-day hearing in New Westminster's BC Supreme Court. Earlier this week, the 36 year old, originally charged with first degree murder, pleaded guilty to the … [Read more...]

Bacon associate sentenced to prison time for drug smuggling charges

The co-accused in a reverse-sting operation that put one of the Bacon brothers behind bars has now learned his fate.  Wayne Scott will spend three and a half years in prison for his part in a conspiracy to traffic 100 kilograms of cocaine along with Jarrod Bacon.  Associate Chief Justice Austin Cullen admitted the sentence was low, … [Read more...]

Stanley Cup rioter sentenced to 7 months

Another Stanley Cup rioter has been sentenced to time behind bars. 23-year-old Sean Yates has been given a 7 month jail sentence for his role in last year's Stanley Cup riot, along with a years probation. The Burnaby man pleaded guilty in April to participating in a riot and assaulting a police officer. Yates was also one of the rioters who helped … [Read more...]