February 18, 2018

Mark Gatiss Talks Third “Sherlock” Series

Mark Gatiss has confirmed that the first episode of the third series of the BBC's "Sherlock" will be called "The Empty Hearse". This is expected to be an adaptation "The Adventure Of The Empty House," Doyle's first story following the seeming death of Holmes at Reichenbach Falls. Gatiss says: "There’s certain things about The Adventure Of The … [Read more...]

First Promo For NBC’s “Hannibal” Series

The first trailer for NBC’s upcoming drama series "Hannibal," which serves as a prequel to the events in Thomas Harris' novel "Red Dragon," has gone online. The series sees young FBI criminal profiler Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) finding himself partnering with renowned psychologist named Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) at the behest of Jack … [Read more...]

AMC Plans “The Terror” TV Series

AMC has put a TV series adaptation of Dan Simmons' 2007 novel "The Terror" into development. The book is an acclaimed fictional spin on the true story of Sir John Franklin's lost expedition in the late 1840's. Two ships, the HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, traverse well below freezing conditions in the Arctic in an attempt to forge the Northwest … [Read more...]

Universal Adapts Julie Kagawa Fantasy Series

Universal Pictures has picked up the film rights to an untitled supernatural young-adult book series proposal from fantasy author Julie Kagawa. The story is set in a present-day coastal town where mythical creatures hide amongst us cloaked as humans. Slayers soon infiltrate the town disguised as out-of-town kids, setting up a confrontation and a … [Read more...]

“Zombieland” Series Still Happening?

Casting sheets have leaked for a proposed "Zombieland" series on CBS. The project originally began as a concept for TV until it was reworked into the 2009 feature. In late 2011 came word the title was coming to the small screen, though there hasn't been much news since. Now, io9 has posted both a casting call and script pages from the series … [Read more...]

A “Fallout” TV Series On The Way?

It seems a Service Mark application was filed with The United States Patent & Trademark Office the other week by Bethesda Softworks for "Fallout," its long running and highly acclaimed video game series. This particular filing, however, included the following explanation: "Entertainment services in the nature of an on-going television program … [Read more...]

“Tudors” Creator Plans “Alexander” Series

"Elizabeth" scribe, "The Tudors" creator and "The Borgias" producer Michael Hirst is teaming with ZDF Enterprises and Beta Film on a TV series about Alexander the Great. This large-scale, English-language series will initially consist of 8-12 one-hour episodes. The plan overall is to cover the key moments of the Macedonian king's life across a … [Read more...]

ABC Talks “SHIELD,” “Star Wars” Series

With Disney now controlling Marvel and owning Lucasfilm, TV series spin-offs of both franchises on the company's ABC Network seems like an inevitable possibility. The Joss Whedon-produced "S.H.I.E.L.D." is the first off the rack and is heading into production in time for a debut this Fall. Talking the show up at the recent TCA, network … [Read more...]

“Monument 14” Book Series Gets Adapted

Reel FX and Strange Weather have acquired screen rights to Emmy Laybourne's young adult novel "Monument 14." The first novel in a proposed trilogy, the story is described as a post-apocalyptic "The Breakfast Club." The story deals with a group of teens trapped together in a chain superstore and face the prospect of life, death and love and hate … [Read more...]

Man in custody after series of attacks

Vancouver Police have a man in custody following a serious of assaults this morning. A woman in her 70's is in serious condition with life-threatening injuries after an attack in the 200 block of Columbia Street. A second woman was attacked in the 700 block of Pacific--she remains in hospital. A third woman was attacked across the street. She's in … [Read more...]