February 20, 2018

Sex workers want to share stories at court challenge of prostitution laws

Downtown Eastside sex workers want to share their stories when the Supreme Court of Canada hears an Ontario challenge of the country's prostitution laws this summer. Canada's top court is set to hear the challenge on the laws that ban communication, keeping a bawdy house and living off the avails of prostitution in June. Pivot Legal Society is … [Read more...]

Google’s Eric Schmidt focused on growing Android’s share, admits it won’t be ‘perfectly controlled’

During a wide-ranging Bloomberg interview with Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, the executive focused for a bit on the current status of Android, while also making a few interesting comments about its future. "This is a huge platform change; this is of the scale of 20 years ago -- Microsoft versus Apple," he said. Following that, he stated that Google … [Read more...]

Sir Richard; Mayor Watts share philosophy

Richard Branson is the featured guest at this year's Surrey Regional Economic Summit. Mayor Dianne Watts says she and the British billionaire share the same motto. "When we want to get something done... and it's, 'screw it, let's just do it.' And what i found very interesting is when I came across this book that Sir Richard Branson wrote, I thought … [Read more...]

Share your thoughts at BC Ferries AGM

If you have comments -- or complaints -- about BC Ferries, Friday is your opportunity to sound off. The semi Crown corporation is holdings its annual general meeting in downtown Vancouver. President Mike Corrigan says public feedback is welcome. "Our annual general meeting gives the public an opportunity to come hear what the ferry system has … [Read more...]

Google Chrome claims one-third of global browser share, according to StatCounter

Google's Senior Vice President of Chrome & Apps Sundar Pichai confirmed to the crowd back at D10 that Chrome browser use was soaring -- particularly in the consumer space -- and StatCounter's latest data most definitely backs that up. The newest report, ending July 2012, shows the Chrome creeping up to 33.8 percent worldwide from 32.8 percent … [Read more...]

Bike rental operators voice concerns about new bike share program

After being promised they would be consulted by city staff about plans for a new public-private bike share program, several Vancouver bike rental operators are still waiting.Joe Kainer of English Bay Bike Rentals says that's why he felt compelled to interrupt a city council discussion about the program this morning."Well the problem for me is that … [Read more...]

Vancouver moving ahead with bike share program

Plans for a public bike share program in Vancouver are forging ahead, despite opposition from commercial bike rental companies.  Staff are reporting the total cost over ten years is expected to be about two-million dollars, but similar programs in other cities have failed, with taxpayers forced to bail out private contractors. Two companies … [Read more...]

Facebook IPO is official: $38 per share, on sale tomorrow under ticker symbol ‘FB’

We largely steer clear of companies going public here at Engadget, but Facebook and its zillions of users warrants an atypical tip of the hat. The outfit has announced that starting tomorrow, 421,233,615 shares of its common stock will be up for grabs at a price to the public of $ 38 per share. It'll trade on the NASDAQ under the symbol "FB," with … [Read more...]

Google app review video shows Share to ‘Drive’ option

To close out each week, the Android Developer Relations team hosts a Friday App Review video. This Friday, however, the focus is far from whatever apps are being showcased (psst... it's Handy Scanner); instead, all eyes are on the Share to 'Drive' option, seen just below the 'Bluetooth' logo in the screen capture above. It's shown at the 32:53 mark … [Read more...]

Gartner’s Q3 2011 smartphone figures: Samsung on top globally, Android tops 50 percent share

Yahtzee! Now that Canalys, IDC and Strategy Analytics have had their turn, it's Gartner's go to serve up its summary of the smartphone world as seen in Q3 2011. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the headlines aren't changing much, with Samsung becoming the number one smartphone manufacturer worldwide with sales reaching 24 million, and Android's quarterly … [Read more...]