January 17, 2018

Activists say Massey Tunnel shouldn’t be replaced; transit should be increased

Activists for the Council of Canadian Delta/Richmond chapter say replacing the Massey Tunnel will not fix traffic congestion -- increasing transit capacity will.  The group is rallying outside a Ministry of Transportation open house in Delta today. Eric Doherty with the council says by adding more buses through the tunnel -- bottle necks … [Read more...]

Should buses have seatbelts?

Sunday's bus crash in Oregon raises questions about whether seatbelts in buses should be mandatory. TransLink's issued a statement saying Coast Mountain buses are exempt under the Motor Vehicle Act from having to provide seatbelts for passengers, with the exception of a belt for the wheelchair position and driver. The reason?  It's the … [Read more...]

How involved should the Crown get with developers?

Another anti-development rally is set for next week on Vancouver's downtown eastside.  This follows what activists call a 'bail out' by BC Housing to help a developer who wants to build condos, as well as  a few social housing units, at Hastings and Columbia. Ivan Drury says the Crown Corporation has given the developer a … [Read more...]

Burnaby city councillor says residents who use smallest garbage bins should not be charged newly approved fee

A Burnaby city councillor says residents should not have to pay more for their garbage disposal next year. The city's council voted on increasing garbage disposal fees last week. The new fee will no longer give people who use the smallest bins a credit, but rather charge them $ 25. Councillor Sav Dhaliwal says this should be provided by the … [Read more...]

Vancouver school board chair agrees: Teachers should not show Amanda Todd video

The chair of the Vancouver School Board says she agrees with the B.C. government's advice to not show the Amanda Todd video in classrooms Patti Bacchus says that's what the professionals are advising. "We don't want to be glamourizing or glorifying an individual. We know that that can have a contagion effect, is what I understand. That it … [Read more...]

Should the governance of Translink be changed?

While much of the Translink argument revolves around funding, the Mayor's Council also wants see governance changes. Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson was asked if it is time for the region's transit system to be run by Metro Vancouver, and he says, "well, I think that governance is at the core of the challenges here.  The Mayors don't have the … [Read more...]

CBSA believes staff security level is where it should be

As Canadian border officer Lori Bowcock continues her recovery in hospital, the conversation is turning to whether Tuesday's shooting at the Peace Arch could have been prevented. Border officials seem to be saying, no. CBSA Executive Director Kim Scoville says he's reviewed the security footage over and over again, "I've lived this non-stop … [Read more...]

The NDP say it is time to discuss if the Coast Guard should be its own ministry

The NDP's west coast fisheries critic says perhaps it is time to look at how the Coast Guard is run after deep cuts from Ottawa.  Fin Donnelly says it might be time to debate how the Coast Guard is run at the top.   "You know there have been several discussion over time whether it should be Transport, or its own Ministry, or under DFO so … [Read more...]

Native leader says judge should have sent Robinson to jail

At least one First Nations elder is accusing the judge in the Monty Robinson case of misusing an aboriginal legal provision, after the former RCMP officer was sentenced to no jail time for obstructing justice. Grand Chief Stewart Philip says some blame goes to Robinson's lawyer as well. "The intent of Gladue was not to provide a legal loophole for … [Read more...]

Top American investigator says we should have tough questions for Enbridge

A day after slamming Enbridge for its poor response to a 2010 spill in Michigan, the chair of the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board says British Columbians should have some tough questions for the energy giant -- which wants to build a multi billion dollar pipeline across Northern B.C. Deborah Hersman says the biggest failures in Michigan … [Read more...]