February 17, 2018

Metacritic’s Top Films, Shows, Games of 2012

With all the year's films now out in U.S. theaters, Metacritic.com has revealed what films and TV shows were the best of the year based on the aggregate scores of the top critics. I've divided the lists into three sections - films, TV shows and major console games - specifically PS3 & 360. Check out the scores below: Best Films This list … [Read more...]

The Most Pirated Films & Shows Of 2012

TorrentFreak have released their annual lists of the most pirated movies and TV shows of 2012, and the winner of the film list is not one you'd expect. "Project X," the widely panned teen comedy about three nerds who throw a party that spirals out of control, took the top spot on the film list with 8.72 million illegal downloads in 2012. It just … [Read more...]

Ipsos Reid poll shows BC Liberals benefiting from decline in support for BC Conservatives

The BC Liberals are gaining support as the BC Conservatives are falling. That's according to a new Ipsos Reid poll. The poll shows that 35% of decided voters in the province support the BC Liberals -- that's up 3 points from September. Support for the Conservatives has gone down 3 points since September -- from 12% to 9%. Since June, support for … [Read more...]

Latest poll shows slight gain for BC Liberals, drop for NDP

The latest Angus Reid poll finally shows a glimmer of hope for the BC Liberals, but they are still way back of the NDP. The Opposition still leads the Liberals, by 18 points now, but the gap has closed with new democrats dropping two points and the liberals gaining three. On approval ratings, NDP leader Adrian Dix is up two points at 48 per cent to … [Read more...]

USA Axes Three Shows, Renews “Burn”?

It's not official yet, but USA Network is on the verge of renewing its action series "Burn Notice" for a 13-episode seventh season. Despite remaining the network's most popular show, it is expected that the seventh will be the final season due to issues with the production studio where the show has been filmed since it began (see my earlier story … [Read more...]

The BC Conservative party shows at least one ‘dissident’ the door

It is official, one of the loudest rebel voices opposing BC Conservative party leader John Cummins has been tossed from the party. Allison Patton says her membership has been revoked per a letter from the party recieved tuesday. As for what is next. "Well it is pretty clear what the letter states which is I am no longer a member of the party as it … [Read more...]

Translink shows off first fare gate

It comes with a big price tag, but Translink says it's worth it. The company's first "fare gate" was unveiled this afternoon at the Marine Drive Canada Line Station, the first of more than 250 that will come on-line next year. The gates are part of a 170-million dollar system upgrade, which will also include new electronic "compass … [Read more...]

Best Shows in Vegas

Whether you come for the gambling, the food, or the characters found on the Strip, stay for the shows (and these in particular). A new crop of superstars and Broadway shows are taking to Vegas's many stages. Fodor's Travel News … [Read more...]

“RED,” “Expendables” Become Shows

Lionsgate is looking at turning several of its movie franchises into TV series, most notably "The Expendables" according to Deadline. Speaking at a conference all on Thursday, CEO Jon Feltheimer says with the acquisition of Summit Entertainment they have plans to make both big and small screen revenue off the properties they now own including … [Read more...]

Bizarre internal Apple video shows Steve Jobs rallying the troops against IBM

We're going to warn you up front: what you're about to see is eccentric, puzzling, and perhaps even disturbing. And undoubtedly, it's the fanboy film to end all fanboy films. According to Network World, who managed to get ahold of an internal 'rally the troops' video, the referenced clip was produced with a $ 50,000 budget and shown to an … [Read more...]