February 22, 2018

PowerbyProxi debuts wireless charging solution, aims to fully integrate it into future smartphones (video)

The pathway to innovation is paved with failed attempts to produce wireless charging solutions that a) actually work and b) people genuinely want to use, but we've got yet another upstart here at Mobile World Congress willing to give it a go. PowerbyProxi's solution looks pretty similar to renditions we've seen from Fulton Innovation, but it's … [Read more...]

Samsung’s Unpacked Mobile 2012 app outs ‘Galaxy S3’ as next smartphone’s name

Up until now, we haven't actually had any confirmation of what Samsung's upcoming superphone would be named. We've had plenty of reason to believe that it'd simply be the third iteration of the famed Galaxy S line, and even an Amazon Germany page predicting as much, but it's another thing entirely to see the term "Galaxy S3" used by Samsung itself. … [Read more...]

Terahertz bandwidth: the key to 1,000x faster smartphones, laptops and pipe dreams

Much like carbon nanotubes and quantum computing, terahertz technologies have been promising miracles for nearly as long as humans have been able to distinguish water from fire. We exaggerate, but barely. A crafty team assembled at the University of Pittsburgh seems to have no qualms with moving forward, however, recently announcing a new physical … [Read more...]