January 23, 2018

BC SPCA to leave Island town this weekend

The Campbell River SPCA is leaving the city after more than 30 years. Both Lorie Chortyk with the BC SPCA and the City's Clerk Peter Whipper says it came down to money but they differ on the details. Whipper says at 218-thousand dollars the SPCA's bid for the city's animal control contract  was more than twice that of the winning bid.   … [Read more...]

SPCA wants animal cruelty charges laid in Captain death

Animal Cruelty charges are being recommended after a dog was found in a Vancouver dumpster last week. The SPCA says it can't reveal the identity of the accused until the charges are approved by crown counsel. "Captain",  a 2-year old German shepherd, was found badly injured in a Kitsilano dumpster last week and later … [Read more...]

Girl raises money for SPCA probe into German shepherd’s death

The story of Captain, the German shepherd, has struck a chord. The two-year old dog was found badly hurt in a Kitsilano dumpster last week and died of his injuries shortly after. Community support continues to grow as the BC SPCA investigates. Seven-year-old Stella McWilliams stood with a poster board on the seawall between the Granville and Cambie … [Read more...]

The SPCA says it’s horrifying

Seven more mutilated cat remains have shown up in Maple Ridge, bringing the total to 22 bodies since last June. Lorie Chortyk is with the BC SPCA, "In all of the cases the animals are cut exactly in half with a sharp object, probably a saw or a sharp knife. So, we're really pleading to the public, if they know anything at all, if they can call … [Read more...]

Help SPCA stop cat killer

  The BC SPCA wants to know who's been mutilating cats in Maple Ridge. The Society says the incidents date as early as June 2011.  SPCA Constable Eileen Drever says the cats have been severed in half by a sharp object, "I would like to also remind people to certainly keep their cats indoors and don't let them out at this time." Anyone … [Read more...]

BC SPCA not happy with new rules

Proposed changes to the Province's Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act are being panned by the BC SPCA. Spokesperson Lori Chortyk says as things stand right now, when animals are seized, the agency takes about 14 days to issue it's reasons for not returning the animal. With the changes, Chortyk says appeals will now be heard before the … [Read more...]

08/25/2011 – BC SPCA Block Party & Kennel Lock-In

The Vancouver BC SPCA is hosting a Block Party!Join us on Thursday, August 25 from 11am to 3pm for a fantastic afternoon of games, prizes, entertainment and a BBQ lunch.   VIPs and top supporters will also be “Locked-In” our kennels and will need your help to escape!  Only YOU will be able to free them with your generous donations.  The Vancouver … [Read more...]