February 18, 2018

Give Your Employees A Reason To Stay!

You’ve heard it before: employees do not leave bad jobs, only bad employers. When you are running your own company, it’s easy to put the needs of the company before the needs of your employees. It’s not a malicious way of thinking, simply that while people matter, the success of the company comes first. Smart employers know that great employees are … [Read more...]

Premier’s staff brush off latest allegations of misusing resources

The Premier's Chief of Staff is downplaying more damning accounts of the BC Liberals using government resources for partisan needs.  The Province newspaper is reporting that Premier Christy Clark insiders hatched a plan to use government resources to get the Liberals ahead in swing ridings.  This, after a report this week found there were … [Read more...]

Park Board staff to determine how long meetings last

The Vancouver Park Board has unanimously passed a motion that calls for staff to recommend changes to a bylaw that would limit how long meetings can go. NPA Commissioner Melissa De Genova put the motion forward. She'd like meetings to be over by 10 p-m. She says other Commissioners feel that 10 may not be the right time, "This concerns me … [Read more...]

Campbell’s Former Chief of Staff calls on Premier to resign

Martyn Brown the former Chief of Staff for Gordon Campbell called on Premier Christy Clark to resign as Premier. Brown called for the Premier's resignation on The World Today with Jon McComb The ethnic out reach scandal has been added as another chapter in Brown's ebook called "Towards new government in British Columbia". You can … [Read more...]

Minister of Citizen Services says communications staff under the microscope following ethnic voting strategy leak

The Minister of Citizens' Services and Open Government is condemning the quick wins ethnic voting strategy his own government cooked up. Government Communications falls in Ben Stewart's ministerial responsibilities and he says the strategy is absolutely inappropriate. Stewart was asked if he will take a hard look at the communications staff and if … [Read more...]

The Premier shuffles staff in her office, again

Nearly a week after promising to cut back spending, BC's Premier has, another, new director of communcations. Ben Chin is a former journalist who once headed up media relations for Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty. Shane Mills keeps his job as director of issues management, while Mike Morton remains Christy Clark's press secretary. Ken Dawson also … [Read more...]

ICBC axes more staff

ICBC is continuing to make cuts sending hundreds of non-union staff packing. The insurance corporation says starting today and through the next week they will cut 203 positions at the manager and staff level. Due to the cuts ICBC says it is scaling back advertising, marketing, employee programs, and services.   Lower priority projets have also … [Read more...]

BCIT faculty and staff vote to strike

Faculty and staff at BCIT are the latest employees of a Post Secondary institution to give their union a strike mandate. Six hundred and eighty nine members voted 78 percent in favor of job action. Paul Reniers with the union says it isn't yet clear what strike action could look like or when it could happen. "We feel right now our message is to the … [Read more...]

Vet report brings some relief to zoo staff

An independent veterinarian has ruled out at least one cause in the death of a giraffe at the Greater Vancouver Zoo.  Zoo General Manager Jody Henderson says with the test results comes a sense of relief, "Based on the finding, they definitely have proven that there is no indication, well, there is. Jafari had excellent body mass. The claims … [Read more...]

ICBC could be on the hook for millions in severance as they trim staff

While ICBC cuts staff to reduce costs they could be on the hook for millions of dollars in severance payments.    Seven executives were sent packing last week, and ICBC says over a million and half dollars in potential severance could be spent on them alone.    Craig Horton leads the pack with a possible severance pay out of 17 … [Read more...]