February 18, 2018

Pink Shirt Day takes a stand against bullying

Organizers say it's going to be the biggest Pink Shirt Day ever this year. The event, now in its sixth year, aims to take a stand against bulling throughout Vancouver and around the world.           Dave Teixeira says students at hundreds of schools will wear their pink shirts and buttons today, joined … [Read more...]

Guilty plea keeps key witness off the stand

The key witness at the trial of a young man accused of distributing obscene pictures won't have to testify against him Tuesday because he's pleaded guilty.  A charge of distributing child pornography was dropped when Dennis Warrington pleaded guilty December 20th. In September of 2010, he posted images online of a 16-year old girl engaged … [Read more...]

Box-Office: “Mama” Tops, “Last Stand” Flops

It was a good weekend to be Jessica Chastain, and a bad one to be Arnold Schwarzenegger. Despite mixed reviews, the Guillermo del Toro-produced supernatural thriller "Mama" topped the weekend box-office with a $ 28 million haul, raking in almost double its $ 15 million budget from Friday to Sunday. "Mama" star Jessica Chastain saw her other … [Read more...]

Twelve South introduces HiRise for MacBook stand, shipping now for $70

Hot on the heels of its HiRise for iMac release, the Mac-only accessory maker known as Twelve South is outing a similar riser for MacBook products. Engineered to hoist MacBooks from 11 to 15 inches up off of one's table, the HiRise for MacBook is a sleek, polished stand that serves a purpose much like the mStand from Rain Design. For avid MacBook … [Read more...]

Date set for Joshua Berner to stand trial again

A date has been set for Joshua Berner's second-degree murder trial to be heard a second time. Berner was convicted in 2010 in the death of Benjamin Warland. The two men had gotten off a bus in Vancouver, got into a fight, and Berner ended up punching Warland in the head with a knife. Berner claimed self-defence. He appealed, and in April, the BC … [Read more...]

Adrian Dix urges Premier Clark to take a stand against pipeline proposal

"Stop being absent without leave and represent BC.  That's what people get elected to do – to represent BC." Those words today from NDP leader Adrian Dix as he applies more pressure on Premier Christy Clark to take a stand – on behalf of all British Columbians – against the Northern Gateway Pipeline proposal.  Dix says … [Read more...]

Stand up for adult education

Students, parents and teachers spoke out at a public forum Wednesday night about how adult education has helped them. This, in the face of Provincial funding cuts.  The Education Ministry had chopped funding for some courses that lead to high school completion, and changed how others are funded. One of those decisions has been fixed, but … [Read more...]

Former regional prosecutor takes stand at Missing Women Inquiry

A former regional prosecutor --who quickly approved an attempted murder charge against Robert Pickton in 1997-- says he doesn't remember many details about events happening 15 years ago. "That file was off of my desk and on its way to disclosure court and I never would have looked at the file again." Richard Romano --who is now a provincial court … [Read more...]

Key witness in Missing Women’s Inquiry will not take stand

The lead lawyer for BC's Missing Women Inquiry has announced a key witness slated to testify today is no longer going to take the stand.Commission counsel Art Vertlieb says they are going to respect a request for privacy from the woman,who was going to testify under the fake name Anderson."She and she alone is entitled to make that decision. we … [Read more...]

Sex offender Martin Tremblay to stand trial

A convicted sex offender has been ordered to stand trial for his latest offences in Vancouver. Martin Tremblay is accused of causing the deaths of teenagers Martha Jackson Hernandez and Kayla Lalonde in March of 2010... by luring the girls with drugs and alcohol, so he could sexually assault them. He's been charged with criminal negligence causing … [Read more...]