February 20, 2018

Liberal MLA not saying whether caucus members will ask Christy Clark to step down

Liberal MLA Kash Heed isn't saying whether caucus members will be asking Premier Christy Clark to step down. But Heed says people will be asking for an explanation about certain things. "People I hope, will maintain what we've discussed and call people to the carpet and hold these people accountable." Heed says there have been discussions with some … [Read more...]

Scribes Set For Fifth “Pirates,” “Step Up”

"Catch Me if You Can" scribe Jeff Nathanson has been hired to pen the fifth "Pirates of the Caribbean" for Disney Pictures. Jerry Bruckheimer is producing with Johnny Depp set to return as Captain Jack Sparrow. In news of another fifth entry in a series, Summit Entertainment has hired John Swetnam ("Black Sky") to write the script for a fifth … [Read more...]

Another step toward return of PST

The BC government has taken another step in the long process of switching back to the old Provincial Sales Tax. Love it or hate it, the 12 per-cent Harmonized Sales Tax will be officially replaced by the old provincial sales tax and G-S-T on April first at a total of...12 per-cent. The Liberals have long said the P-S-T will be restored with all of … [Read more...]

MLA says conflict commissioner must step aside in BC Rail case

Another twist in the BC Rail saga this afternoon. Independent MLA John van Dongen is asking conflict of interest commissioner Paul Fraser to step aside from an investigation into Premier Christy Clark. This after learning that Fraser's son, John-Paul Fraser,  works for the government's communications branch. "The public is entitled to have … [Read more...]

Step Into: James Bond’s London

We've always wanted to be Bond girls... And one of our correspondents got to do just that, living in James Bond's London for a few days as they celebrate the shadowy figure's 50th anniversary. You can, too. Fodor's Travel News … [Read more...]

Step Into: Breaking Bad

As you twitch in anticipation of the final installment of Breaking Bad, take a trip through the turbulent scenes that have brought our favorite characters to the dark, dark place they are now. Fodor's Travel News … [Read more...]

“Step Up” Won’t Cut Gas Mask Scene

"Gangster Squad" isn't the only film currently undergoing revisions for sensitivity. Deadline reports that Summit Entertainment has held discussions over their dance film "Step Up Revolution" which opens this week. Unlike 'Gangster' however, reshoots and delays are not happening as the film is still set to open on 2,500 screens as planned. The … [Read more...]

Step Into: To Rome With Love

Woody Allen's latest film is set in Rome, which he fills with as much scandal as it has ruins. We rounded up what to see, where to eat, and what to wear for a truly Allen-inspired itinerary. Fodor's Travel News … [Read more...]

Step Into: The Great Gatsby

We know you've seen (and swooned over) the new Great Gatsby trailer. But we're upping the ante with this full-on Gatsby-inspired itinerary on Long Island's "Gold Coast." You're welcome. Fodor's Travel News … [Read more...]

ATD: Yahoo’s CEO Scott Thompson to step down amidst degree scandal (update: confirmed)

While thousands upon thousands of Americans are celebrating graduation weekend with degree in hand, it looks as if the CEO of one particular internet company will be wondering why he lied about his. After weeks of investigating, word on the street has it that freshly appointed (as in January 4th) CEO Scott Thompson will be "stepping down." In other … [Read more...]