February 22, 2018

YouTube API will allow video games to more easily stream in-game content

What's YouTube doing at the annual Game Developers Conference in San Francisco? Talking about integration with video games, obviously. More specifically, the company is hoping to expand an idea we first noticed in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, whereby users could easily stream in-game content to YouTube. Clearly, the company worked in concert with … [Read more...]

Apple TV software beta 4 released to developers, addresses Photo Stream and control issues

Right alongside iOS 6 beta 4, Apple has also pushed out beta 4 software for its Apple TV -- useful for "testing AirPlay for iOS apps," according to the company. Not surprising, actually, considering that a bit of the polish from the former relied on updates to the latter. It's available as we speak to registered developers, and it promises to fix a … [Read more...]

Editorial: Reed Hastings’ Netflix spinoff isn’t about DVD success, it’s about hedging the stream

If you've just casually glanced over the mass reactions to Reed Hastings' decision to split the DVD-by-mail business of Netflix into its own brand and company, you've probably been duped into thinking that it's the second questionable move that the world's most famed movie delivery service has made this year. But is it? Is a man who turned a red … [Read more...]

Netflix to stream natively from HDMI-equipped tablets (updated)

You read that correctly -- Netflix streaming is about to get really real on impending Honeycomb tablets. One of the nuggets that makes Lenovo's newly unveiled IdeaPad K1 so special is the internal DRM module that allows it to play nice with a fresh build of the Netflix app. As we saw back at MWC with the LG Revolution, future Android 3.x tablets … [Read more...]