February 18, 2018

First Nations leaders want Safe Streets Act repealed

Don't make a bad problem worse. That's the message from First Nations leaders and health officials in BC who are calling for the repeal of the federal government's Safe Streets Act. A new report by the provincial health officer says First Nations are already over-represented in prison, and Doctor Evan Adams says the Safe Streets Act will exacerbate … [Read more...]

Vancouver uses recycled material to pave streets

The City of Vancouver is showing off a new, green material to pave our streets.                The city is experimenting with a new blend of asphalt as it paves a stretch of Kingsway near Slocan. General manager of engineering services Peter Judd says the asphalt is mixed … [Read more...]

‘Consent’ campaign still strong as SlutWalk marches down Vancouver streets

The rain isn't keeping a crowd of several dozen people from taking part in Vancouver’s second annual SlutWalk. The festivities started with speeches, followed by a march through downtown streets. "Without my consent, I should never ever be touched. It doesn't matter what I portray or what you see. Consent is everything,” says one … [Read more...]

Latin-themed party hits the streets of Vancouver

Despite the rain, Downtown Vancouver may have a certain "latin" vibe Saturday...The 4th annual "Carnaval del Sol" has Granville Street closed between Smithe and Hastings - with organizers expecting as many as 50,000 people to take part. "Five blocks, five plazas, we've got lots of food, lots of entertainment, soccer, a fashion show, we've got over … [Read more...]

Teachers take their “Day of action” to the streets, and parents join in.

The BCTF's day of action has switched from the classroom to the streets as teachers prepare to take a strike vote.   It only took about ten minutes from the time classes were dismissed for 1st avenue to be flooded with teachers, union supporters, students, and even a large group of parents.  One parent said "I think that in order to be … [Read more...]

Navigate the streets of Costa Rica like a pro with this tip

Navigate Costa Rica's streets easily with this tip.In towns and cities in Costa Rica, each block is assumed to be 100 meters, although some blocks may be much longer and some may be shorter. So if someone tells you to head down the road 500 meters, they mean five blocks. Fodor's Travel News … [Read more...]