February 25, 2018

Hit-and-run killer strikes out in court

Convicted hit and run killer Paul Antunes has lost his bid to be allowed to drive again four years after he's released from prison. He's currently serving five and a half years for criminal negligence causing the deaths of Stanley Wong and John Larkin. They were two of the three men Antunes struck on November 11th, 2005 in downtown … [Read more...]

Update on rotating strikes at LifeLabs

The B-C Government and Service Employees Union has announced the next round of rotating strikes in its contract dispute with LifeLabs. Labs in Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Richmond, Surrey, and Victoria will be behind picket lines Saturday through next Monday. The union says the company is offering a wage hike 3.9 per-cent over three years, but … [Read more...]

BCGEU updates LifeLabs strikes

The B-C Government and Service Employees Union has announced it's members at six more LifeLabs locations will go on strike for two days, starting tomorrow. Two of the six are in Vancouver, two are in North Vancouver, one is in West Vancouver, and one is in Duncan on Vancouver Island. On Monday, union members began rotating strikes at 40 locations … [Read more...]

More strikes at BCIT means the term for some students could be a write-off

Picket lines will be up once again at the British Columbia Institute of Technology Monday. BCIT Faculty and Staff Association President Teresa Place says with another day of job action, it's expected some students in nursing and part-time studies will lose their terms. "Our part-time studies students are going to be struggling to be able to make up … [Read more...]

Another landslide strikes in the Kootenays

Another mudslide has just struck in the Kootenays.  Frances Maika is with the Central Kootenay Regional District Emergency Operations Centre.  "What we know right now that there has been a slide that has affected the Lookout road area near Thrums BC which is near highway 3A towards Castlegar."  Maika says there are homes in the … [Read more...]

B.C. court strikes down part of Harper crime agenda

Another blow to a part of the Harper government's crime agenda – this time from the West Coast.   The BC Supreme Court has ruled the federal government's move to get rid of accelerated day parole last year violates the rights of offenders already in prison. The Tories wanted the law to apply retroactively, but the judge says that's not … [Read more...]

BC Supreme Court judge strikes down assisted-suicide law

Canada's law against doctor-assisted suicide has been declared 'invalid' by a BC Supreme Court judge, but existing legislation can not be struck down for at least one year. Justice Lynn Smith has delivered a 395-page report declaring the legislation's 'absolute prohibition' as unconstitutional. She says current law discriminates against people like … [Read more...]

Court strikes down province’s new impaired-driving laws

The BC Supreme Court has struck down portions of the provinces tough, new drinking-driving penalties, those that hand out immediate suspensions, vehicle impoundments, and levy hefty fines and fees. In a lengthy decision, Justice Jon Sigurdson says the penalties themselves are fair for drivers who fail a breathalyzer. It’s just the immediate … [Read more...]