January 23, 2018

Study says subway best option for Broadway-UBC corridor

Translink is out with a new study Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson says supports a subway as the rapid transit option for the UBC-Broadway corridor. He says the Translink analysis evaluated several options for that route, and found a subway would cut travel time from Commercial to UBC in half, to 19 minutes. As well, it would attract five times … [Read more...]

B.C. could cut traffic deaths in half, new SFU study suggests

A new study from Simon Fraser University suggests traffic-related deaths in B.C. could be cut in half. Health scientist Meghan Winters has compared B.C.’s rate to that of other countries, and says this province could eliminate more than 200 traffic deaths per year. She says the fact that some northern European countries have so few traffic … [Read more...]

NDP weigh in on faregate study

The NDP's Transportation Critic says a new study on faregates by criminologist, Darryl Plecas shows "mixed messages" are coming from the government. Plecas' study finds fare gates on public transit systems have little impact on fare evasion, public disorder, and crime. Plecas is the Liberals' candidate in … [Read more...]

Translink disagrees with study on fare gates

Not surprisingly, Translink is giving 'thumbs down' to a study by a University of the Fraser Valley criminologist that says fare gates on transit systems don't do much when it comes to deterring fare evasion, crime or public disorder. Translink's Derek Zabel says that's not true, "You've got that visual, you've got that physical barrier and in … [Read more...]

Study finds transit fare gates don’t curb crime

Fare gates on public transit systems have very little impact on fare evasion, crime and public disorder. That's the finding of a study carried out by Criminologist Darryl Plecas at the University of the Fraser Valley.  Plecas says while the introduction of turnstiles and fare gates is perceived by the public as a panacea to deal with fare … [Read more...]

Study on bullying one group short

The BC Government may be using a room at Simon Fraser University's Vancouver Campus for its Erase Bullying Summit Tuesday, but it hasn't invited anybody from the University's own research team looking into online bullying. Chantal Faucher with the University's Cyber Bullying Research team admits she was surprised nobody asked for her involvement in … [Read more...]

UPDATED: Province interested in a study looking at raising alcohol prices

Provincial Health Minister Margaret MacDiarmid says she's interested by a new report which found raising minimum prices for harder alcoholic drinks could help offset healthcare costs for alcohol-related illnesses. "Certainly we know that direct and indirect costs of alcohol abuse and alcoholism are tremendous in our healthcare system, so anytime … [Read more...]

Mayo Clinic study also an accurate representation of burnout among BC doctors

A study by the Mayo Clinic shows almost half of surveyed doctors experienced some symptom of burnout--and when it comes to doctors here in BC, the case is the same. Dr. Andrew Clarke is executive director of the Physician Health Program of BC. He says a study was done in 2008 that found similar results in BC and in Canada. "it's a graded scale, so … [Read more...]

Heroin beats methadone in treatment, study finds

Treating chronic heroin addicts with a prescribed version of the drug is more effective and less costly than methadone, says a recent study. “Usually when something is more effective, it also costs more,” said Aslam Anis, the lead researcher and health economist at the University of British Columbia. “What we found was that the new option, … [Read more...]

HIV proves no obstacle for couples: Study

Today, HIV-AIDS is no more a death sentence than it is a barrier to love. Vancouver Coastal Health says that, with effective diagnosis and treatment, couples are able to live normal, healthy lives even if one partner is HIV-positive. “We’ve come a long way,” said Dr. Réka Gustafson, the director of communicable-disease control at VCH. “If one … [Read more...]