January 23, 2018

This Year’s Superbowl Film Commercials

This year's Superbowl is over, and the film-related commercials have all gone online. This year's batch included the very first look at "Fast & Furious 6," and an extended look at "Iron Man 3" which is mostly based around one impressive action scene: Then there's the most interesting trailer so far for Disney's "The Lone Ranger," and only … [Read more...]

Trailers To Air During The Superbowl

Super Bowl XLVII airs this Sunday, and along with it comes the most expensive commercial airtime of the year with 30 second slots costing around $ 3.7 million each. Each year there's also the question of which films will get promo spots. This year three major studios - Warners, Fox and Sony - are all opting out of the big game. The biggest … [Read more...]

B.C Superbowl ads cost causing controversy

  NDP leader Adrian Dix is blasting a decision to run a couple of B.C Jobs Plan ads during Sunday’s Superbowl broadcast. He says the government spent one million dollars on ads that basically serve as branding for the Premier. Jobs Minister Pat Bell, who supports the ads, says it only cost $ 17,000 for both of them, “far less … [Read more...]