February 21, 2018

Richmond woman hopes to appeal murder case at Supreme Court of Canada

A Richmond woman convicted of murdering the woman she suspected of having an affair with her husband is not giving up her fight to stay out of prison. Jean Ann James is seeking approval for an appeal with Canada’s highest court. In January, the BC Court of Appeal upheld the now-72-year-old's first-degree murder conviction in the 1992 murder … [Read more...]

Berner applies for leave to appeal conviction at Supreme Court of Canada

Carol Berner, the Delta woman who caused the death of Alexa Middelaer in 2008, is trying to have her conviction overturned at the Supreme Court of Canada. Berner filed leave to appeal her guilty verdict in Ottawa earlier this month, after a lower court turned her down last fall. Today, lawyer David Tarnow has asked the BC Court of Appeal to adjourn … [Read more...]

Judicial Review gets underway in BC Supreme Court over Vancouver Island park use permit

A Judicial Review beginning Monday in BC’s Supreme Court in Vancouver has champions for the environment crossing their fingers. The case, started by The Friends of Strathcona Park, challenges the Provincial Government's authority on how they protect parkland. At the centre of the case is a park use permit for a private resort on Vancouver … [Read more...]

BC Supreme Court to hear alleged wrongful dismissal case of Vancouver Bylaw Enforcement Manager

Was Carlene Robbins fired, or did she quit? The alleged wrongful dismissal of a Bylaw Enforcement Manager with the City of Vancouver is at the heart of a case being heard this week in BC Supreme Court. Lawyer Robert Rogers says his client will testify she was "constructively demoted" three weeks after a house fire killed three men in December … [Read more...]

Rafay and Burns take case to supreme court

The battle isn't over.Two former West Vancouver men convicted in a 1994 triple-murder in Bellevue, Washington, are taking their case to the Washington State Supreme Court.An appeal court ruled yesterday not to allow a re-trial for Atif Rafay and Sebastian Burns, for the murders of Rafay's parents and disabled sister.But Rafay's lawyer David Koch … [Read more...]

BC Supreme Court judge strikes down assisted-suicide law

Canada's law against doctor-assisted suicide has been declared 'invalid' by a BC Supreme Court judge, but existing legislation can not be struck down for at least one year. Justice Lynn Smith has delivered a 395-page report declaring the legislation's 'absolute prohibition' as unconstitutional. She says current law discriminates against people like … [Read more...]

Supreme Court says Dad? doesn’t have to provide DNA

The BC Supreme Court has ruled a Canadian man doesn't have to give a DNA sample to prove a child born in China is his until steps are taken to start a "meaningful relationship" between the possible father and son. The case involves a 3-year-old boy born in China to a surrogate mother. Now, the woman who has custody of the child wants to get him … [Read more...]

Harden, Morgan, D’Onofrio Are “Supreme”

Marcia Gay Harden, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Brian Geraghty and Vincent D’Onofrio have joined the cast of indie Midwestern town-set drama "Supreme Ruler" says Deadline. Morgan plays a man campaigning to become 'Supreme Ruler' of his local Buffalo lodge, only to be challenged by an elder member (D’Onofrio). He heads to the Order’s annual convention in … [Read more...]

Chief Justice of BC’s Supreme Court says our judicial system is at a tipping point

Days after announcing the judicial system in this Province is 'slowly being eroded' by underfunding, the Chief Justice of BC's Supreme Court is explaining why more money is needed.  "We can't silently sail towards the brink without bringing the issue to the attention of the bar and the larger community." Chief Justice Robert bauman says … [Read more...]

Tears at BC Supreme Court

  The sentencing hearing for the man who murdered a well-liked truck driver back in 1998 is underway in BC Supreme Court. Jeanie Fraser says her brother Victor Fraser will be remembered as a generous man who loved to play with children in his family and around his neighborhood. Jeanie had been tearfully reading from a victim impact statement … [Read more...]