January 23, 2018

Justice system needs work says Councillor

After a string of murders to start the year, the City of Surrey is pushing for a change to the justice system.  Councillor Barinder Rasode says there seems to be a revolving door in the Courts for prolific offenders.  Rasode says the justice system actually creates prolific offenders which in turn can be responsible for various crimes, … [Read more...]

A-G says criminal justice security system deeply flawed

BC's Auditor-General is outlining what he calls "serious flaws" in  BC's criminal justice security system. John Doyle says his audit of the "JUSTIN" computerized system found a serious lack of controls to protect information from inappropriate access. Doyle says the system is not safe from motivated people looking to gain access, and there's … [Read more...]

High marks for BC education system

High marks for BC's education system in an international ranking out today. A survey of 45 jurisdictions puts BC's grade four students in seventh place in terms of literacy. Education Minister Don McRae credits both teachers, and his own government. "First of all I think we have phenomenal teachers with a great teaching education program, second of … [Read more...]

Use ad money to fix Court system

The NDP have a suggestion for the Premier instead of spending millions on government advertising why not use the money to unclog the justice system.  Leonard Krog says the guilty are walking away free, all because of the slow crawl of the Courts.  Krog says the Province could invest in legal aid instead of advertising to help speed … [Read more...]

Concerns over BC Ferries switch to cable system for Denman Island route

The NDP’s Ferry Critic says the Government needs to prove a cable ferry system is safe before moving forward. This after an announcement Friday the run between Buckley Bay and Denman Island will be switched to the system starting in 2014. Gary Coons says communities have to be properly consulted.    He says telling a community … [Read more...]

Apple patent details iOS journaling system, hints at extrapolated Events functionality

Apple was today granted a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, filed as 8,316,046, which lays out the framework for a mobile device to "collect and store journal event data over a time span, the journal event data comprising data associated with a plurality of events, including a location and a timestamp of each event." … [Read more...]

Bond defends action plan to overhaul justice system

B.C.'s justice minister is defending the province's plan to overhaul the justice system overhaul and the fact it comes with no new cash. Critics have said why bother with a new scheduling system when there aren’t enough judges to hear cases. Bond says it’s better to evaluate how efficiently they can spend the $ 1 billion already … [Read more...]

Family of plane crash survivor miffed at health care system, but not for the usual reasons

One of the two remaining survivors from a plane crash near Penticton in August can't get a doctor to accept him at Vancouver General Hospital.  Vincent Hannay is out of the intensive care unit at Kelowna General Hospital, and his family wants him back in Vancouver to continue his recovery.  His uncle Rick Hannay says BC Bedline has an … [Read more...]

Y!kes’ app-enabled system transforms hotel accessibility: talking with hotel chains, launching this month on iOS, Android, BlackBerry and WP7

We all knew opening one's hotel room door with a smartphone was just the beginning, didn't we? As the years have turned (and LodgeNet has inexplicably remained), a smattering of companies have seen the opportunity to connect savvy hotel guests to the properties they frequent. Y!kes is the latest to tune in, and its solution undoubtedly has the … [Read more...]

Time delays bog down legal system

The lawyer hired by the BC government to overhaul this province's justice system has released his second interim report, and it finds time delays are hurting the system the most. Geoffrey Cowper says many problems could be resolved by simply ensuring accused criminals have quick access to the courts. "The fight between types of cases for judicial … [Read more...]