January 23, 2018

Seniors’ advocate on the table in B.C.

Health Minister Margaret MacDiarmid has introduced a bill that will lead to the first ever seniors' advocate in Canada. MacDiarmid says the government consulted the public last year after the provincial ombudsman issues a scathing review of seniors' care. "We heard during consultation around the province a number of key areas that people were … [Read more...]

Provincial inquest into death of Kamloops teen not off the table

BC’s Coroner says an inquest into the death of CJ Morningstar Fowler isn't out of the question at the Provincial level, but police will have to wrap up their investigation before it will even be considered. This after First Nations leaders called for a national inquiry into Fowler's death, citing more must be done to help the country's … [Read more...]

Visualized: 100 Retina display iPads sit down at the dinner table…

What if you took 3.1 million pixels, per iPad, and then crammed 100 (or so) of them on a table at WWDC? You'd have a pretty insane, super-connected Retina table. Also, it'd cost at least $ 50,000 to replicate what you're seeing. You know -- just in case the thought crossed your mind. Gallery: Visualized: 100 Retina display iPads sit down at the … [Read more...]

Beyond the Table: In England, It’s Farm-to-Hotel

We're all familiar with the de rigeur practice of farm-to-table, but in England, a handful of hotels are taking the concept to the next level. Welcome to the farm-to-hotel. Fodor's Travel News … [Read more...]

The Township of Langley isn’t happy with halting transit expansion and now all options are on the table.

Pressing pause on the transit expansion South of the Fraser, like the Port Mann rapid bus, has the Township of Langley weighing its options about staying in Metro Vancouver.  Mayor Jack Froese says Abbotsford's mayor has already approached him about forming a new regional district.   He said "I think everything is on the table. It might … [Read more...]

Vancouver councillor to table motion on Kinder Morgan pipeline

Kinder Morgan’s plans to expand its Trans Mountain pipeline will be the focus of a motion set to come before Vancouver city council next week. The motion is being tabled by Green Councillor Adriane Carr. "A motion directly from council, which hasn't happened before to Kinder Morgan the company, to make sure that they're clear that we want to … [Read more...]

Something new on the table, again

The Government has tabled a counter-offer to the BC Teachers Federation's proposal last month which included a 15-per cent wage hike.  The BC Public School Employers Association didn't grant teachers their raise, but has countered with new proposals on professional growth, responsible parental leave and more. And they've taken grievance … [Read more...]

Head of BC Public School Employers’ Association hoping BCTF will bring “realism” to the table as negotiations resume

BC teachers are returning to the bargaining table today, just one day ahead of potential job action. The two sides took a break over the weekend, after an arbitrator ruled some items which were being discussed locally, must be returned to the provincial table. Hugh Finlayson with the BC Public School Employers' Association says he's hoping for some … [Read more...]

BCTF not at bargaining table this weekend

Despite the fact classes are set to resume Tuesday, the union representing BC Teachers and their employer aren't at the bargaining table this weekend. Jim Iker with the BCTF says that's because of an arbitrator's ruling forcing the teachers to bring some items back from local tables to the provincial level. "In terms of some of the aspects of our … [Read more...]

MoleBot interactive gaming table hooks up with Kinect, puts Milton Bradley on watch (video)

Looking to spruce up that nondescript living room table? So are a smattering of folks from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. At this week's SIGGRAPH E-tech event, a team from the entity dropped by to showcase the deadly cute MoleBot table. At its simplest, it's a clever tabletop game designed to entertain folks aged 3 to 103; … [Read more...]