February 19, 2018

How Mobile Tech Changed The World

Over the past decade or so, the world has undergone a massive shift thanks to the creations and subsequent popularity of mobile technology. When you consider the fact that the first iPhone only came out in 2007, and how commonplace smartphones are in our day to day lives now, it’s pretty staggering! Now that we’re ten years on, I thought I’d take a … [Read more...]

Access4Kids input device allows disabled children to control touch-centric tablets (video)

The innovation world at large has been crafting ways for handicapped individuals to interact with computers for years on end, but the issue of tablets has created another predicament entirely. How do you enable someone to masterfully control a touch-centric device, when the mere act of touching is a challenge? Ayanna Howard, professor of electrical … [Read more...]

Walmart to stop selling Amazon’s Kindle line of readers and tablets

It's a lonely world when you've no storefronts to call your own. Shortly after Target decided it best to halt the sales of Amazon's Kindle products, it's being reported that Walmart is following suit. A quote obtained by Reuters suggests that Wally World's bigwigs won't be carrying Amazon tablets and e-readers "beyond the existing inventory and … [Read more...]

LeapFrog reveals LeapPad 2 and Leapster GS learning tablets, priced at $70 and $100

Got a youngster who ain't keen on waiting for his or her Surface of choice to ship? There's a LeapFrog for that. The name in educational slates has just revealed a pair of refreshed gizmos, the LeapPad 2 and Leapster GS. Boasting higher resolution front and rear cameras / video recorders, twice the memory (4GB) compared to the original and an even … [Read more...]

Microsoft Surface tablets: the differences between Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro models

Surfaces. Turns out, the plural form of Microsoft's new tablet range rolls off of the tongue with ease, but understanding the differences between the first two models may not be quite as easy -- particularly for the everyman, or folks intimately familiar with Microsoft's other Surface. Two editions -- Surface for Windows RT and Surface for Windows … [Read more...]

Netflix reveals new user interface experience for Android tablets, iPad counterpart coming soon

You've already had a peek at it in the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet, but it seems that redesigned user interface is going to be hitting more than just the holiday's most-talked about duo. Netflix has made official a newly redesigned user interface experience for Android tablets -- one that "makes browsing and instantly watching unlimited TV shows … [Read more...]

NVIDIA’s Jen-Hsun Huang: Windows on ARM should hit tablets first, battling Intel is a bad idea, would love his chips in iPad

NVIDIA's founder and president Jen-Hsun Huang has never been one to dodge a question, and that made for an excellent closing interview here at AsiaD. Outside of (re)confirming what lies ahead for Tegra, he also spoke quite openly about his feeling towards Windows on ARM in response to a question from Joanna Stern. Here's the bulk of his … [Read more...]

Google’s Andy Rubin: ‘six million’ Android-based tablets out there

Google's Andy Rubin kicked off the opening keynote here at the Asian branch of All Things D (that's AsiaD, if you're curious), and he finally cleared up a figure we've been wondering about for eons. During a back-and-forth with Walt Mossberg about the proliferation of the iPad and whether or not Android was "a flop" in the tablet market, he … [Read more...]

Netflix to stream natively from HDMI-equipped tablets (updated)

You read that correctly -- Netflix streaming is about to get really real on impending Honeycomb tablets. One of the nuggets that makes Lenovo's newly unveiled IdeaPad K1 so special is the internal DRM module that allows it to play nice with a fresh build of the Netflix app. As we saw back at MWC with the LG Revolution, future Android 3.x tablets … [Read more...]