February 18, 2018

Part of Kits base taken down

The Kitsilano Coast Guard station is being dismantled. Last week the federal government followed through on its decision to shut the base down. Today, trucks rolled in and workers started tearing down the base. The move saves 700 thousand dollars a year and the feds say proper resources are in place, so safety won't be compromised. Critics say this … [Read more...]

Youth taken to hospital after party bus checked in Port Moody

Port Moody Police say a youth was taken to hospital after a party bus was checked last night. They say the youth had a dangerously high level of intoxication. Alcohol was found This comes after 16 year old Ernest Azoadam died one week ago after being on a party bus in Surrey. Mounties are investigating that incident to find out whether any laws … [Read more...]

Surprise Surprise, A “Taken 3” Is Coming

With "Taken 2" having raked in nearly $ 50 million in its U.S. opening weekend (doubling the opening weekend box-office of the first film), it comes as no shock that the producers want to keep going. In an interview with Hollywood.com, screenwriter Robert Mark Kamen says talks have already begun - "We didn't start talking about [it] until we saw … [Read more...]

Neeson On “Taken 3”, Olsen On “Oldboy”

With a "Taken" sequel about to hit cinemas worldwide, is there a chance this franchise could continue should the second film prove a success? Maybe not. Asked by Empire if he would consider being a part of a third film, the series' leading man Liam Neeson said "I don't see it. I don't think it's going to happen. I really don't. I can't see a … [Read more...]

More street racers taken off road

Two 17-year-olds have been charged and had their cars impounded for allegedly street racing in Whistler. RCMP say they were called yesterday after witnesses reported a Mazda 3 and a Ford Explorer zooming along Blackcomb Way. Two 17-year-old novice drivers were allegedly at the wheel, as the cars approached Nancy Green Drive. Police say they … [Read more...]

Owner of dumpster-dog “Captain” taken into custody

Vancouver Police have detained the man believed to be the owner of a German shepherd that died after being dumped in a Kitsilano dumpster last week, but he's not facing any charges involving the dog's death. He's been picked up involving a domestic dispute and naming him could identify the alleged victim. Marcie Moriarty with BC's SPCA says now … [Read more...]

Neeson Talks “Taken 2” & First Photos

In a recent sit down with EW, Liam Neeson spoke about the upcoming sequel to the action hit "Taken" and how it ties back to the first film which became an unexpected runaway hit. Things are set in motion when he, his wife and daughter to come stay with him in Istanbul where he’s doing security work for a sheik. It's there that relatives of the men … [Read more...]

Measures taken at Burnaby Hospital after drugs tampered with

More controls are in place at Burnaby Hospital surrounding access to drug supplies, after a box of painkillers was apparently tampered with. Fraser Health Authority Spokesman Roy Thorpe-Dorward says two nurses reported it back in February. He says five vials of hydromorphone in a box of seven appeared to have had their labels removed and their … [Read more...]

UPDATED: Surrey shooting victim dead; IHIT taken over

A shooting victim in Surrey is dead and the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team has taken over. RCMP Staff Sgt. Blair McColl says the shooting happened at a home in the 14000 block of Grosvenor Road last night. "At about ten minutes to ten, we received a report of several shots fired in a residential area." It is not yet known whether the … [Read more...]

A flag person was taken to hospital after being struck hard by a vehicle.

Another flag-person has been struck and seriously injured in Metro Vancouver.  This time it happened at 56th and 264th in Langley.  Diane Herback has been leading the charge to ensure flagperson safety is top of mind.  Herback says "At 56th and 264th a flagger has been struck to the point where she was thrown into a ditch."  She … [Read more...]