February 20, 2018

Liberal government talking regional policing — again

The provincial government is reviving the idea of a regional police force in Metro Vancouver - just in time for the provincial election. Justice Minister Shirley Bond has released a long awaited report on policing including how the government plans to respond to Wally Oppal's Missing Women Inquiry.  One commitment - to spend two years … [Read more...]

Province and Feds talking about who will take responsibility for dredging the Fraser River

Federal Minister James Moore says dredging sediment in the Fraser River needs to be a priority in order to mitigate flooding. Moore says economic activity upstream causes sediment to build up in the Fraser, resulting in flooding in Richmond, Delta, Port Coquilam and Surrey as the riverbed becomes elevated. He says the Federal Government did provide … [Read more...]

Y!kes’ app-enabled system transforms hotel accessibility: talking with hotel chains, launching this month on iOS, Android, BlackBerry and WP7

We all knew opening one's hotel room door with a smartphone was just the beginning, didn't we? As the years have turned (and LodgeNet has inexplicably remained), a smattering of companies have seen the opportunity to connect savvy hotel guests to the properties they frequent. Y!kes is the latest to tune in, and its solution undoubtedly has the … [Read more...]

Take an unconventional trip with Talking Stick

Well, it’s a new month. Welcome to February, the time to forget about its depressive predecessor, January. All your holiday bills are paid and the weather has finally turned for the, well   — it’s still going to be dark and dreary for the foreseeable future. But that’s OK because summer is right around the corner. Positive thinking, right? … [Read more...]

Police talking to 16 year old prankster after school damaged

It looks like it was a school prank, but it caused a lot of damage at a West Vancouver high school however, and a 16 year old student will now be dealing with the police. The prank? Around noon Tuesday, water began pouring through three floors of the school.   Assistant Fire Chief Martin Ernst says, "It was a sprinkler head that had … [Read more...]