February 18, 2018

BC Teachers’ Federation president is stepping down.

After 40 years in the classroom and three as the BC Teachers' Federation president, Susan Lambert says she'll bow out at the end of the school year. "Three years is the longest that a president can stay in office. So this is the end of my three years and I'll be stepping down come the end of June." She says she has no plans so far after … [Read more...]

BC Teachers Federation set to unveil first proposals

The BC Teachers Federation and the BC Public School Employers' Association will likely be exchanging first proposals on Tuesday, after about one month of contract talks. Proposals were originally set to be exchanged on March 1st. BCTF president Susan Lambert says objective packages have been exchanged, "Which are the general goals or the general … [Read more...]

And then, there are teachers of a different kind

Another batch of discipline decisions has been released from BC's Teacher Regulation Branch. Among the nine teachers in this batch, some were disciplined for 'unnecessary physical contact' with students, others for improper use of sick leave, and one for speeding while driving a school bus. James David Long stands out. He teased a girl wearing … [Read more...]

Bargaining begins again for teachers and BCPSEA

It's back to the bargaining table Monday for the BC Teachers' Federation and the BC Public School Employers' Association. The two sides will try to reach a new collective agreement. BCTF President, Susan Lambert says it will likely be a difficult path to an agreement, but she's hoping one can be reached by the end of June, when the contract runs … [Read more...]

Updated: Gov’t framework for 10 year deal with teachers

CKNW has obtained the full 24 page document outlining the BC Governments framework to reach a ten year deal with teachers. It is called Working Together for Students and introduces four key elements to secure a decade of labour peace with the teachers union. The Province wants to index teachers salaries to an average of other major public sector … [Read more...]

Teachers Union and Employer move to address fractured bargaining process

The BC Teachers Federation and the BC Public School Employers Association have reached a tentative agreement to address an often messy, and protracted bargaining process. CKNW has obtained details of the deal which would see both sides split the cost of a facilitator, who would help the two groups find common ground on each bargaining issue. If the … [Read more...]

Teachers union and Education minister at odds over state of bargaining

A month after Premier Christy Clark said she wants to try and come to terms on a new ten year deal with BC's teachers there are conflicting reports on what progress, if any, is being made.  When asked if the province has made any effort to get bargaining talks going, BCTF president Susan Lambert said "No, we have been asked to...we were … [Read more...]

Teachers who hit, poke, drag students among discipline rulings

Teachers who hit, pulled or dragged students are among those disciplined in the first batch of decisions released from the BC Teacher Regulation Branch. In one case, a teacher struck a Grade 7 student on the back of the head, told the kid to shut up and tried to physically restrain him from leaving the class – all in the same day. He was … [Read more...]

Vancouver school board chair agrees: Teachers should not show Amanda Todd video

The chair of the Vancouver School Board says she agrees with the B.C. government's advice to not show the Amanda Todd video in classrooms Patti Bacchus says that's what the professionals are advising. "We don't want to be glamourizing or glorifying an individual. We know that that can have a contagion effect, is what I understand. That it … [Read more...]

BC teachers vote 75% in favour of ratifying one-year agreement

The BC Teachers Federation says 75.3 % of its members who cast a ballot, have voted in favour of ratifying the agreement with the BC Public School Employers' Association reached on Tuesday, after a year-long labour dispute. The union says 21,044 teachers--or 52% of its membership--voted. The deal is valid until June 30th, … [Read more...]