February 20, 2018

More tears from Briker at Queen of the North trial

  One of the only two people on the bridge of the doomed "Queen of the North" when it sank is spending another day on the witness stand. Karen Briker broke into tears minutes into defence questions about her feelings of guilt, after the 2006 crash and sinking of the ferry. Wiping away tears, she testified she'd never been trained to … [Read more...]

Highway of tears case continues

More than six weeks after a link between a suspected serial killer from the U-S was drawn to BC's Highway of Tears murders, the search continues for new --solid-- evidence. Since police revealed the name of that prime suspect in September, RCMP Staff Sergeant Wayne Clary says more than 300 tips have come in, "Unfortunately so far, relative to Bobby … [Read more...]

More than one suspect in Highway of Tears murders

One solved, but 17 other cases still remain open. The RCMP has now confirmed a man who died in a U.S. prison in 2006 is responsible for one of B.C.’s Highway of Tears victims. Bobby Jack Fowler is believed to have killed 16-year-old Colleen MacMillan, who disappeared in 1974 while hitchhiking along Highway 97. Her DNA has been linked to … [Read more...]

Tears, apologies at Missing Women Inquiry

  A former Vancouver Police Sergeant who left the force to work for the RCMP  is rejecting VPD claims they did everything they could to catch serial killer Robert Pickton. It happened at the Missing Women Inquiry, while Geremy Powell was being cross-examined by the lawyer for a retired Coquitlam mountie. Ravi Hira challenged a report … [Read more...]

Tears at BC Supreme Court

  The sentencing hearing for the man who murdered a well-liked truck driver back in 1998 is underway in BC Supreme Court. Jeanie Fraser says her brother Victor Fraser will be remembered as a generous man who loved to play with children in his family and around his neighborhood. Jeanie had been tearfully reading from a victim impact statement … [Read more...]

Acting Mayor “moved to tears” over news of Kienan

The community of Sparwood is elated by the news Kienan Hebert has been found alive and well. CKNW reached Acting Mayor Sharon Fraser early Sunday morning before she had actually heard the news. She says after the traumatic events of the past week, it's difficult to comprehend that the boy is OK. "Oh my God.  It is so wonderful to hear … [Read more...]