June 23, 2017

The Big Technology Challenges and Questions Users Face Today

There are so many tech problems and questions that people have. Most people assume that the common issues that they each day are specific to them, but that’s very rarely the case. Some of these issues don’t have easy answers. Whereas, others can be dealt with in a pretty simple and straightforward way once you have been equipped with the right … [Read more...]

Gadgets And Apps That Could Save Your Kids

Many people say that you don’t know what real love is until you have children. Parents would give their lives to protect their kids, and if anything were to happen to them, it would be the end of the world. These days, it’s easier to keep your kids safe with the help of gadgets and apps. Here are a few things that could save your kids: The … [Read more...]

The Technology Changing How We Shop

Historically, technology was seen as a threat to the traditional shops that existed in cities and towns. It was a baby of the online world, which was keeping people away from the shops and making them spend their money in the virtual world. But that’s all changed now. While the online retail market does still pose a real threat to the livelihood of … [Read more...]

Lockheed Martin’s technology hub brings startups closer to government needs

Wondering who would be the first to concoct a Kickstarter for governmental wishes? We suppose it's Lockheed Martin. Today, the aforementioned outfit has launched an initiative "aimed at expanding its collaboration with Silicon Valley companies to meet the diverse technology needs of the federal government." Called the Lockheed Martin Silicon Valley … [Read more...]

BCIT Info Session – Degree in Computer Systems Technology

Working in the IT industry and need a credential to help you get advanced in your career? BCIT offers a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Systems Technology. You can stay at work and earn the degree part-time. Join our Info Session on February 6 for details. Start: 2013-02-06 6:00 PM End: 2013-02-06 8:00 … [Read more...]

ICBC wants to test crash avoiding technology

ICBC wants to begin testing new technologies that might drastically bring down crash rates and injuries. Road Safety Manager Sonny Senghera says ICBC would like to use taxis to test collision avoidance technology, allowing the car to react ahead of the driver. "When you pair that up with GPS in which that technology is actually reporting back to … [Read more...]

Technology experts gather to help non-profits

Technology experts are gathering this weekend in Vancouver to give their time to help worthy causes. It's called Random Hacks of Kindness. Renee Black with organizing group Peacegeeks hopes the event helps rehabilitate the term 'hacker,' which has negative connotations despite its dictionary definition of programming expert. "It's definitely a … [Read more...]

Privacy Commissioner limits use of Licence Plate Recognition Technology

BC's Information and Privacy Commissioner has issued a ruling that could have implications for police forces around the province. Elizabeth Denham has ruled the Victoria Police Department must make changes to its automated Licence Plate Recognition Program that uses cameras mounted on squad cars. Denham says the department must STOP sharing data … [Read more...]

Advancing Digital Technology to Increase Productivity Webinar – Robotics & Automation

When looking for automated solutions to industrial applications, what are your options? If you're looking to improve quality, maximize productivity, and reduce costs, then installing a robot may be a solution for your facility. Robots can allow your company to maintain it’s competitive edge without offshoring. Today most robots are used in … [Read more...]

The extremes of technology customer service: how common sense and empathy create unmatched loyalty

Allow me to explain how two discussions started off in very similar ways, and ended... shall we say, differently. This is me, attempting to muster any sort of pleasantness in my voice at some ungodly hour of the morning on a Google Voice connection from Dubai back to the US: "Hey! I'm having to cut a trip short due to an emergency back home. I … [Read more...]