February 20, 2018

Updated: Jobs Minister changes stance on temporary foreign worker controversy

  BC's Jobs Minister is admitting people have lost confidence in the Temporary Foreign Worker Program after the HD Mining controversy.  Pat Bell says it is clear the company fell short in looking for qualified Canadian miners before bringing in Chinese workers. "The public needs to have confidence that any jobs that are allowed to be … [Read more...]

Unions win another battle in Temporary Foreign Worker fight

Trades unions say they have won another court battle in their efforts to get documents from HD Mining in the Temporary Foreign Worker Controversy.  Union lawyer Charles Gordon says a judge has told Human Resources Minister Diane Finley she has the power to compel HD Mining to release the documents. "So the documents that we are talking about … [Read more...]

Route of new Port Mann rapid bus is temporary

Translink says the route of the new Port Mann rapid bus will change once construction on the number one highway is complete. Spokesperson Derek Zabel says the buses current stop at Braid street skytrain station, going into Vancouver, is temporary. "Once contruction is complete we will take the off ramps that lead onto Government street over near … [Read more...]

Temporary agreement over provincial flu shot policy

After various health worker unions kicked up a fuss over the new mandatory flu shot policy there has been a compromise reached. Fraser Health Spokesperson Roy Thorpe-Dorward was asked what happens now if health care worker refuses to get a flu shot. "However in the first year of this new policy we are not going to be disciplining employees who come … [Read more...]

Feds to review temporary foreign worker program

A key labour leader in BC is pleased the federal government is reviewing a controversial program aimed at hiring foreigners to fill local jobs. "We're slowly peeling the layers back on this and we're going to get there." Steve Hunt is the Western Canada director of the  United Steelworkers Union, which has been critical of plans to hire … [Read more...]

Union leaders question Christy Clark’s claims Chinese miners are temporary

Premier Christy Clark's defence of Chinese workers being brought here to work at a new coal mine has angered local union leaders. Scott Lunny with the United Steel Workers says the government needs to immediately investigate recruiters accused of making false promises to would-be migrants who've been told they will be allowed to bring their … [Read more...]

Seaforth Highlanders march to temporary new home

A longstanding infantry regiment is moving to a temporary new home. If you saw a few dozen soldiers marching down West Fourth Avenue this morning, flanked by cops on horseback and a couple of armoured vehicles, don't worry. It wasn’t the imposition of martial law. Bombardier Megan Ludwig explains it's just the Seaforth Highlanders moving from … [Read more...]

Brush fire outside of Vernon leads to temporary evacuation of homes

A small brush fire in the northwest part of Kalamalka Lake just outside of Vernon, has been extinguished. Deputy Chief with Vernon Fire Rescue Service, Lawrie Skolrood says the fire started about 10:00 last night. "There was some homes threatened and a tactical evacuation done by the RCMP." Skolrood says people are being allowed back to their … [Read more...]