February 25, 2018

Traffic patterns still developing on toll bridges

BC’s Transportation Minister says it's going to take time for new traffic patterns to take hold now that the new Port Mann Bridge has been open for three months. Translink has reported the Golden Ears hasn't seen much increase in volume, as it said it would, with the new Surrey-Coquitlam tolled route. Mary Polak says it's tough to say why, … [Read more...]

Deadline looms for Port Mann Bridge toll discount

Thousands of drivers hoping to catch a break on tolls for the new Port Mann Bridge waited until the last minute to register. "It's been all hands on deck. It's been very busy here," says Max Logan, who speaks for the TReO  program. Logan says the demand has grown from about three thousand people registering per day two weeks ago, to three … [Read more...]

The Mayor of Surrey isn’t buying what Translink is selling on falling Golden Ears bridge toll revenue

The Mayor of Surrey isn't buying what Translink is selling when it comes to predictions of increased traffic over the Golden Ears bridge.  Dianne Watts says tolls on the new Port Mann won't alter traffic numbers on the Golden Ears by much.  This after Translink said toll revenues on the span have fallen short by almost $ 40 … [Read more...]

Port Mann toll amounts to be revealed

It looks like Transportation Minister Mary Polak will be announcing a reduction on the proposed three-dollar toll for the Port Mann Bridge. Langley Mayor Peter Fassbender says that's a plus for members of his city, "I'm very optimistic that we'll have some good news that will lessen the burden of the toll on the Port Mann Bridge and I'm looking … [Read more...]

Liquor laws take toll

Rio Theatre owner Corinne Lea says her fight with the B.C. government and its archaic liquor laws has turned into a tale of David versus Goliath. The theatre has lost close to $ 40,000 and five employees have been laid off since movies were banned two weeks ago, she says. “(In) the beginning, I was quite strong because I knew logic was on our … [Read more...]