February 21, 2018

Horrifying Road Traffic Statistics From The Last Five Years

image source As the world’s population increases, so does its road users. More and more cars, motorbikes and cycles join our roads every year causing more traffic and more accidents. Cars are dangerous vehicles and are responsible for the death of millions around the globe. We all know someone who has been involved or affected by a road accident. … [Read more...]

Vancouver tops annual traffic congestion list

An annual survey suggests Vancouver had the worst traffic congestion in Canada last year. The year-long index by GPS firm TomTom says the average car ride takes nearly a third longer in a jam than when traffic is flowing freely in the city, and almost two thirds longer during evening rush hour. TomTom says that adds up to 84 hours of … [Read more...]

Surrey mayor concerned about surge in Pattullo Bridge traffic

The Mayor of Surrey is again raising concerns about the impact of tolling the Port Mann bridge on other crossings in her city. Dianne Watts says early numbers are not good. "The numbers that I got from the BC Trucking Association, they've monitored about a 25 per cent diversion onto the Pattullo Bridge which again is problematic because again … [Read more...]

Traffic patterns still developing on toll bridges

BC’s Transportation Minister says it's going to take time for new traffic patterns to take hold now that the new Port Mann Bridge has been open for three months. Translink has reported the Golden Ears hasn't seen much increase in volume, as it said it would, with the new Surrey-Coquitlam tolled route. Mary Polak says it's tough to say why, … [Read more...]

B.C. could cut traffic deaths in half, new SFU study suggests

A new study from Simon Fraser University suggests traffic-related deaths in B.C. could be cut in half. Health scientist Meghan Winters has compared B.C.’s rate to that of other countries, and says this province could eliminate more than 200 traffic deaths per year. She says the fact that some northern European countries have so few traffic … [Read more...]

VPD seaching for car thief who caused traffic chaos

Vancouver Police say the search is still on for brazen car thief. It all started after 4:00 this afternoon when police say a man forced a woman into the passenger seat of a  car at Kingsway and Boundary and took off -- smashing into two cars and two buses before colliding with a car at Tyne and 50th where he allegedly sprinted from the … [Read more...]

Vancouver Councilor upset over increased tanker traffic

With Kinder Morgan’s proposed pipeline expansion, Vancouver’s harbor will see seven-times its current tanker traffic. City Councilor Andrea Reimer says council was taken by surprise by the numbers—and they’re not happy about the increase. She says they're looking at bringing back a bylaw making sure companies are responsible … [Read more...]

Heavy traffic not the only ‘silly’ reason people call 911

Heavy traffic at mall parking lots is only one of many silly calls made to 9-1-1. So says Jody Robertson, spokesperson for E-Comm, which handles the emergency line in B.C. This, after Burnaby RCMP had to remind Boxing Day shoppers not to call the number simply because of the traffic jams around malls and stores.   Speaking on CKNW with guest … [Read more...]

Impatient Boxing Day shoppers calling 911 over extra traffic, police say

The RCMP in Burnaby say they are taking 911 calls about the busy traffic on Boxing Day. So they want to remind holiday shoppers to not call the emergency line and just be patient while waiting to get in or out of parking lots.  "It’s a bit of an ongoing issue at times. We recognize that 911 is an easy number to remember, convenient to … [Read more...]

New Port Mann bridge now open to eight lanes of traffic

As of this Saturday morning, the new Port Mann Bridge is open to eight lanes of traffic. The bridge actually has ten lanes, but the remaining two won't open until demolition of the old span is finished.  Spokesperson Max Logan says that work begins this month. "The crews will begin on the approaches and then work toward the superstructure and … [Read more...]